With holiday season here bringing the cold weather and the need for a warm getaway! With so many amazing vacation spots; where do you choose to go? And what do you feel like doing?

As the world is becoming more and more conscious, in tune, connecting with their mind, body, and souls; its only natural to crave a destination that caters to those desires giving you all those good feels leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated when you return home from your vacation. 

With the high stress, fast pace, world we live in we all crave the same thing, to feel something on another level; peace, happiness, connectedness, bliss; to recover from all the stresses we deal with daily.  


Retreats have become a popular vacation favourite. I myself had been on the look-outfor my 2020 getaway, when I came across two beautiful souls, Shauna and Ashley with Yoga unleashed Retreats. The two ladies have come together to provide a place where people can find community and solace while unplugging from the stress of daily life, coming back to some of the most ancient practices on the planet today; to bring us back, closer to ourselves. 

Shauna and Ashley have one powerful intention and purpose; to heal our methodical lives and the planet. 

The retreat is set in the most beautiful serene location on the Sea of Cortez; with unreal beaches and ocean front yoga shalas, delicious fresh organic food with 7 days of pure bliss, are you drooling yet? 

Expect nothing and leave with everything. Shauna and Ashley tell us their Mantra at Yoga Unleashed is, “disconnecting to reconnect” and that is exactly what will happen at this beautiful location. With limited Wi-Fi, they are creating an experience to truly get to know  yourself again.


What you can expect  

You can expect a variety of different styles of yoga in two beautiful yoga shalas, overlooking the majestic Sea of Cortez. Along with an early morning practice, an evening yoga will be strategically facilitated to offer a unique blend of strengthening, balancing and opening of the body. Unique blends of meditation will leave you feeling incredibly grounded,  but more importantly, they’ll leave you with the many tools to continue your practice throughout your daily life.

Swim with the most gentle mysterious creatures, explore the beautiful Espiritu Santo, Paddle Board or Kayak morning and evening, rest your head at night in the most stunning sanctuary; you’ll find rooms with soft white and blue colors that will will bring serenity and calm leaving you feeling pure bliss. 

“Our intention is to provide everyone that attends the retreats to have a profound deep experience, but also to leave with the tools to take home and carry on in their daily lives with as much connection and intention as possible.” 

– Shauna And Ashley


The experience from the online yoga studio and community we have created as well as Unleashed Yoga Retreats, have everything you need on and off your mat to truly find the balance in your life between stability and ease. 

Every retreat location is hand selected, where you can access not only the best of the earth in the most beautiful locations, but we also remove all stimulants so you can truly get plugged into that which will energize your soul, body and mind.



If youd like to reach out to see upcoming retreats you can find them on Instagram:




For more information, visit the website at www.yogaunleashed.com.

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