Roxy Earle dishes all about the new Ana App, launching February 13th!

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What is the Ana App?

TV star, confidence guru, and body activist  Roxy Earle is continuing her mission to inspire a generation of women to feel happier, healthier, and more confident with the launch of her latest app, Ana.

This app will be available on February 13th- National Self-Love Day- and is a digital-positive mindset coach that is personalized to women’s unique hormone cycles. Together with her partner Dr. Arnold Mahesan, one of Canada’s leading women’s health doctors, Roxy developed Ana to help women better understand the link between their physical and mental wellbeing.

Check out our conversation with Roxy below to learn more about the Ana app and why you need it!

ana app

HOLR Chats with Roxy Earle

Tell us about your journey to creating and launching your new app, Ana.

Ana was born out of my journey to transforming my mind, body, and soul over the last few years. I had tired of waking up not feeling my best. The “aha” moment for my health was when I started tuning into my cycles and hormones, and the effect that had on how I felt mentally. All of this was brought into focus by the mental health crisis women were facing during the pandemic. As well as the need for tools that would help them take back their happiness and confidence.

What makes the Ana app unique?

Changes in our hormones are important to how we feel, but that has been overlooked by existing mental health and wellness apps. Ana helps women understand how they feel relative to their menstrual cycles. It also provides them with information and mental health support.

ana app

How does the Ana app help women better understand the link between physical and mental wellbeing? How can women use the Ana app’s customizable Weekly Program to help them navigate their week?

Ana’s technology identifies patterns in a woman’s mindset and physical feelings. This helps better predict how she will feel each week. This combined with the medical expertise of how our hormones change throughout our cycle help Ana to understand what practices and insights women need each day. For example, Ana can help a woman understand that a woman may see a dip in energy or feel irritable around the same time each month. It will then provide her with mental wellness practices to help combat those feelings.

What are your future goals for the Ana app?

We are developing experiences for health journeys such as infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, and menopause. This will help to serve women where they are in life. Our cycle-based prediction technology power these experiences, and a symptom checking diagnostic tool is currently in development. We strive to become a tool of support for women as they navigate their health and wellness journeys. Whether in tandem with, or independently of, the healthcare system.

ana app

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