From the luxurious West Coast, rugged East Coast, buzzing South Coast & quiet North Coast, Barbados serves as an ideal destination due to its many on-island experiences that cater to various types of travellers.
Known for the wonderfully warm climate, the azure-blue seas, and the soft sandy beaches, Barbados is a picture-perfect paradise. Add in the lush natural beauty of the tropical forests, the delicious delicacies offered in the Bajan cuisine, and the historic sites that are preserved on the island,  this destination is all-encompassing. ACTIVITIES

Stretching for mile after mile, stunning beaches with crystal clear waters encourages days on and by the sea. 

Off the south and west coast, calmness and clear visibility in the water is ideal for a day of relaxing on the deck of a sailboat, swimming, and parasailing. 

To the east, scuba diving attractions are abundant with stunning natural reefs and shipwrecks to explore. Curious sea turtles are often spotted here. 

“During your trip you’re likely to come across some memorable wildlife in Barbados, such as the leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles and green monkeys! Tell us about your special encounter with our wildlife or post a picture with #MyBarbadosSpecialEncounter. #LoveBarbados” Photo Courtesy: @joshclarke246 via @visitbarbados

From the plethora of water activities like diving, surfing, sailing, and cave spelunking at Harrison’s Cave, to the many different sporting events including Run Barbados & polo matches, the active adventurer will always have another adventure awaiting. 

For the outdoorsy, green-loving travellers, the island’s inland trails and coastal paths lead to natural wonders that locals strive to protect, from the wildlife reserves to The Barbados Sea Turtle Project

“On your next trip, add a visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve to your things to do list and take a stroll through a natural habitat for many animals. Spreading across 4 acres of mahogany forest, the reserve is devoted to its love and respect for nature, research and conservation. #VisitBarbados #LoveBarbados” Photo Courtesy: @duegingerale via @visitbarbados


“Known for its delicious grilled food, the historic town of Oistins transforms into a hive of activity during the Easter weekend! Save the dates and join us at the Oistins Festival from April 5-13, 2020! Bring the family to the south and immerse in the festivities and traditions of one our biggest community festivals! #LoveBarbados #MeetMeInOistins” Photo Courtesy: @visitbarbados

Barbados is also the culinary capital of the Caribbean with a mix of African, West Indian, European and–of course–Caribbean influence. The cuisine of Barbados features the unique style of Bajan cooking, making the flavours stand out all the more from the neighbouring islands. 

‘Bajan’ Fish Cakes are a popular treat, served to perfection at The Crane.

It is also said that Barbados is the birthplace of rum. Since its first rum distillation by Mount Gay in 1703, Barbados has perfected this fine spirit, offering the best in the world.

What makes Barbados rum so exceptional is the quality of Bajan water, drawn upwards from coral caverns, delivering time-tested smoothness, which is a testament to Barbados’ natural abundance.

“First made 370 years ago from the sugar cane that populated the island, Barbados rum soon found favour with many English sailors who, as legend tells it, offered their bounty of rum as proof that they had crossed the Atlantic. But it wasn’t until 1703, when Mount Gay Rum began distilling the oldest brand of rum in existence, that the world would come to recognize Barbados as the true birthplace of rum.” Learn the history of the World’s oldest rum, as told by Mount Gay Rum, here.

To enjoy this Caribbean treat, you don’t have to wait until your next visit to Barbados to experience it – see Mount Gay Rum cocktail recipes here and the classic Rum Punch recipe from


The culture is filled with a rich mix of customs and traditions from their English, African, and West Indian ancestry. Boasting globally significant heritage sites and attractions, history buffs can immerse themselves in the colourful story of Barbados’ past. The story is brought to life through the historic sites, traditions, festivals, and cultural events Barbados hosts throughout the year. 

“What a weekend at the Holetown Festival! Holetown, the site of the first English Settlement in Barbados, turned in to a Bajan Cultural Extravaganza as the week-long celebrations climaxed with amazing traditions and activities including street parades, the annual street fair, and live entertainment. #LoveBarbados #VisitBarbados” Photo Courtesy: @visitbarbados

Known for its British colonial architecture, the Garrison, and the horse racing track, Bridgetown is a port city and the capital of Barbados. The Garrison is a Cultural Heritage Conservation Area, one of eight on the island, and represents “a very distinguished era of military colonial history.”

Moreover, within the city, visitors can also explore the National Heroes Square, Nidhe Isreal Synagogue and museum, Carlisle Bay, which is home to six shipwrecks, and Browne’s Beach.

The collection of historic elements and the colonial and vernacular architecture of Bridgetown and the Garrison make the city a must-see spot.


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