Traveling is one of the most fulfilling experiences life has to offer. It is a time to leave stress behind and explore our beautiful planet. Unfortunately, traveling costs, so if you want to do it, you must save up.

Man waiting for departure in airport, sunset shining on him

Apart from the money aspect of traveling, it is a very healthy experience and is good for your heart.
When you visit new places and explore different cultures, you open up your understanding of
different people in this life.

Your body will also benefit because traveling relaxes people and gives them fulfillment, which is a
beautiful way to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s a time to breathe foreign air and take in a new
experience with your loved ones, and that is why everyone should add it to their wish lists.

If you need some help finding unique travel spots, keep on reading because we will be sharing 5 of
the loveliest hidden gems worldwide.


Kissamos is a beautiful Mediterranean Town on the West Island of Crete, reachable by ferry from
Gythio or Piraeus, which you can find tickets for at Let’s Ferry. This village is guaranteed to provide
you with a wonderful experience. It has a long history of folklore, and you will be blown away by the
beautiful beaches. And for all the food lovers, you can expect wholesome Mediterranean cuisine and
lots of good quality food. Olive oil is a staple in this town, and it is served with every dish. You will
also enjoy washing everything down with lovely local wines, but don’t expect much meat because it
is not consumed much in this town of around 5000 inhabitants. For fun, you can enjoy a lovely boat
and bus cruises.Crete

Bukit Lawang

Bukit Lawang is a small town located in Indonesia, and tourists flock here because it is a great place
to go if you want to trek the jungle. This unique location is known for being the largest animal
sanctuary in the region. When you want food, you can expect to eat an array of dishes, including
BBQ fish, Italian-style pizza, pasta, and of course, beer. This beautiful jungle village does not boast a
large population, but you can expect a warm reception and love. Nature is gorgeous in this part of
the world, and visitors can fill their time exploring the jungle and a bat cave for fun.

Etruscan Coast

Etruscan Coast is situated in Tuscany, Italy, and is a long stretch of narrow coastline in this European
country. This land is full of nature and has a long and rich history, which makes it a great place for
tourists to visit. The main traditional foods on the Etruscan Coast will excite meat lovers, with fish,
game, and wild boar being the most popular dishes. There won’t be a day that goes by without
something to fill your time because there is so much to do here, such as visiting the archaeological
park of Baratti and Populonia. There is also a lot of outdoor fun and sporting activities.Tuscany villa


Jaffna is a city in Sri Lanka with so much to do. This city has a stunning natural landscape and many
old traditional-style buildings. Visitors will enjoy their famous Jaffna curries, with lamb and crab
being among the most popular. You can go cycling, sailing, and birdwatching. You can also enjoy a
cooking class where you will learn to cook food as the locals do.

Gili Meno

Headed back to Indonesia, you will find the beautiful island of Gili Meno with beautiful sandy
beaches and tropical palm trees. This relaxing and picturesque island will completely take your
breath away and transport you into an ocean paradise of your dreams. Be prepared to dine on
delectable and savory Asian seafood dishes while inhaling the fresh ocean breeze. There are only
500 inhabitants on this island, mainly concentrated in the middle of the island, and the best thing to
do on your visit is just relax and lounge. However, there is plenty to keep you entertained
throughout your visit, including snorkelling activities and horse riding tours.

Published by HOLR Magazine.