The two main reasons people read are because they wish to learn something new or because reading can be fun. Those who read for learning, usually lean into non-fictional books like “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai or “Becoming” by Michelle Obama and those who read for fun might prefer reading a fictional novel like “Alias Grace” by Margaret Atwood.

We divide books into two types: Fiction and Non-Fiction, and within them, there are many subgenres. In fiction we find Romance, Thriller, Humor, Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Legend, and so forth; and in Non-fiction, there are Biographies, Academic Texts, Journalism, Philosophy, Self-help, Critique, How-to manuals, etc.

  1. Mental stimulation.

Reading is an exercise for the brain and it can stimulate it by retaining information of the book like the storyline, the name of the characters, words, and other aspects of the books. This exercise works your analyzing skills, memory, and focus. It can also ease feelings of sadness by brightening your day with a new story.

  1. Improve concentration.

When we read, we must have the right environment so we can concentrate. We improve concentration by constant reading. That’s why some readers seem impossible to take their eyes off a book until they finish it.

  1. Stress reduction. 

Some readers find reading a way of relaxing by looking for a book that they will enjoy and then discussing with someone some of their favorite parts. A study at the University of Sussex showed that with only six minutes of silent reading, your heart rate and muscle tension can slow down.

  1. Vocabulary expansion. 

As we read we get to see different writing styles and words that may not be familiar to us, so we look for their meaning. The more we read the more words are getting stuck in our heads and the more possibilities they have of popping up in our everyday conversations. Besides, well-spoken people seem to be more interesting and can express themselves better.

  1. Increase imagination and creativity.

Reading encourages you to imagine places, scenarios, the character’s features and every little detail you can read. It shows you everyday situations handled differently, and this gives you another perspective on matters.