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Despite the number of creative and complex slots on the menu nowadays, the iGaming sector still struggles to create something genuinely different. Making a completely new online casino game is challenging.

Nevertheless, a new group of developers, including Spribe, are causing a sensation with groundbreaking “crash” games. Aviator, a thrilling airplane-themed total where players bet on rising multipliers that can crash at any moment, is arguably the best example currently on the market. 

Playing the Aviator crash game is unlike anything the iGaming industry has ever seen. It’s rapidly gaining popularity, which is no surprise considering its innovative and unique gameplay. Stay with us for a deep dive into this new way of enjoying online casino entertainment. We’ll explore an overview of the game itself and reveal some of its most enticing characteristics.

Crash games: a whole new world

The online gambling industry has generated exponentially increasing annual revenue over the past couple of decades. Analysts forecast the market size will hit $114.4bn in 2028 – solid proof of its almost limitless potential. Even so, iGaming businesses cannot stop innovating, otherwise online casino fans may quickly get bored.

This is where crash games come in. The deceptively simple gameplay is extremely gripping, with players needing to guess the optimal moment to cash out. Too soon, and wins can be too small. Too late, and you won’t win anything at all. Aviator is leading the charge in the so-called crash games. Other notable examples include CricketX and JetX.

What is Aviator and how does it work?

Crash games such as Aviator have a very simple premise. The arcade-style gameplay revolves around an airplane taking off, with a consistently increasing multiplier by its side. Your overall win increases the longer the airplane keeps ascending, but you never know when it might suddenly crash. If it does before you cash out, you’ll lose everything.

Aviator has a clear-cut and stripped-back aesthetic, looking more like a graph than a simulator. There aren’t many special features, but don’t let this put you off. Each round only lasts up to 30 seconds, with the constant excitement and betting opportunities making for an engrossing experience. Players also get a live chat box so they can converse with fellow players, making Aviator perfect for social fun. 

Spribe: innovative creators in the iGaming sphere

Who is Spribe? The Kyiv-based studio hasn’t been around for too long but has already made a splash with its inventive casino options. Founded in 2018, the company aims to break the online slot hegemony within the iGaming sector, offering its players something genuinely fresh and exciting.

Their games run from the innovative fun of futuristic games such as Mines or Plinko to classic casino options with a twist, such as poker or mini roulette. Spribe is determined to offer the creme-de-la-creme of next-generation iGaming software, and judging by the success of Aviator, it’s certainly making good on that ambition.

Reasons behind Aviator’s popularity

Aviator isn’t the most widespread game on the market but this is primarily because of its newness. Although it lacks the complex punch of things like Megaways slots, this crash game has more than enough incentives to play. In fact, you will probably end up having more fun with its amazingly simple yet effective gameplay.

Here are a few reasons for Aviator’s rising popularity: 

  •   Ease: Due to its remarkably straightforward rules, Aviator is easy for anybody to play, regardless of skill level. Beginners need only understand the initial concept and they’ll have just as much chance of winning as a seasoned player. As a result, it’s a very attractive option for iGaming beginners.
  •   Strong RTP: Aviator has an impressive 97% RTP, performing better than most slots, where the average is around 96%. Subsequently, playing the crash game can result in better payouts overall, which is never a bad thing.
  •   Social aspect: Don’t forget the social aspect. Aviator is perfect for unwinding while chatting with friends and family, due to its mix of a live chatroom and general simplicity.

Top tips for crash games

Before getting stuck into Aviator and other crash games, let us show you a few top tips to increase your chances:

  •   Budget effectively so you can make as many bets as possible without going bust.
  •   Prioritize smaller wins over bigger ones to keep the winnings coming in.
  •   Use auto cashout to minimize losses.
  •   Be careful and avoid playing for too long. This is key to taking care of your mental health while playing gambling games.

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