As the Easter holidays are drawing near, everyone’s looking forward to the delicious family dinners, fun-filled egg hunts, and of course – the thoughtful Easter gifts. That being said, finding a good Easter gift sometimes seems impossible, much like an egg hunt on a high difficulty level. If you haven’t yet decided what to get your friends and family for the holidays, check out these 5 Easter gift ideas and get inspired.

For the Sweets Lover: A Chocolate Egg Hamper

If you’re looking for a sweet gift, go for the chocolate egg Easter gifts. These unique and colourful chocolate arrangements will surprise anyone from 5 to 95 years old. They’re packed with delicious premium chocolate treats such as chocolate Easter eggs, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, doughnuts, and more. For those that appreciate the stunning combination of chocolate and sparkling wine – choose a hamper that pairs sweets with an exquisite bottle of Veuve De Ville.


Easter chocolate gifts have been around for a long time. While primarily used in home decoration, and the famous egg hunts, you can find Easter eggs as a part of the sweets options for this holiday. But what do eggs symbolize? Along with the Easter bunny, eggs symbolize new life and rebirth, which is only fitting for a holiday that we celebrate to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


These easter egg hampers are much more than your ordinary chocolate boxes. They come in gorgeous designs that are equally pleasing to look at as they are to consume. If you want to go the extra length, choose a hamper with a decorative bucket. Once the giftee is done with the mouth-watering chocolatey goodness – they’re left with a colourful keepsake bucket that they can add to their home décor.


A chocolate Easter hamper is among the most thoughtful gifts for Easter. You get the chance to add a custom gift card and decorative ribbon, which gives it a personal touch. Whether you’re gifting the hamper in person or having it delivered, this gift acts as a warm hug for the giftee, regardless if they’re a toddler or an adult.


If you’re not able to meet up with a special someone for the holidays, these hampers are just what you need. You can have these Easter gifts delivered right to their doorstep, sending them your love and best wishes.


For the Self-Care Junkie: A Pamper Hamper

For the friend or family member that’s obsessed with self-care after-work rituals, I suggest that you gift them a pamper hamper. You can either shop for an already assembled hamper, or – if you have a bit more time and creativity on your hands – try assembling one yourself. 


This is a great opportunity to show just how much you know and love the gift recipient. Pick out their favourite products, whether it’s bath bombs, a set of essential oils, scented candles, or mouth-watering fruit lotions. For your fellow environmentally-conscious friend – why not spice up the hamper with a sustainable shampoo bar?


Lastly, a pamper hamper is also a great gift choice for a close person that is going through a tough time or someone who’s extremely busy and isn’t taking good care of themselves. The soothing aromas and healing ingredients will help them reconnect with their senses and enjoy life a bit more for this Eastertide.


For the One That’s Always Active: A Quality Water Bottle

As a little diversion from the tasty sweets that I mentioned in the beginning, some of you undoubtedly have that one friend that’s obsessed with exercising and everything wellness. There are small chances that they will eat anything remotely sweet during the holidays (at least not in front of everyone), so you need to think hard about a suitable gift that matches their lifestyle.


I suggest that you choose a quality stainless-steel water bottle for the fitness addict in your life. There are a few reasons why this is a great gift option. First thing’s first – hydration is extremely important for those who do regular exercise. During exercise, the body releases some amount of liquids through sweating. Consuming liquids helps the body replenish the lost amount. This also improves the function of the brain, lowers the heart rate, and keeps the body temperature at normal levels.


Whether the giftee goes to the gym or prefers jogging in the outdoors, they will need a reliable water bottle to stay hydrated at all times. While there are countless options on the market, none of them is as reliable as the stainless-steel water bottle. This bottle is more durable and doesn’t pose any risks for humans and the environment, compared to the average plastic bottle.

For the PC Addict: An Ergonomic Mouse

If you know a friend or family member that’s going crazy over modern tech devices, consider getting them one for the holidays. An ergonomic mouse is a modern essential for the fans of technology and those who spend countless hours in front of their computers.


This mouse promotes a more upright hand position, like a handshake, which is much more natural and better matches the human anatomy. It puts less strain on the muscles and is more natural for use. The ordinary mouse forces your hand in a slightly twisted position, while the ergonomic mouse will guide your hand and wrist in a more natural, normal, and comfortable state.


An ergonomic mouse makes the use of the muscles more efficient, opposed to the regular mouse which uses the muscles in your wrist. The ergonomic one makes use of the bigger muscles in your arm, which keeps them in a healthy condition. It also prevents those nasty symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, that are common among the users of a normal mouse.

For the Whole Family: Easter-Inspired Dinnerware

Lastly, if you’re shopping for a newly-wed couple or someone who just got moved in, try a set of eggstraordinary Easter tableware. Besides helping to liven up the spirit of Easter, chances are – your giftee is in desperate need of these essential items. Modern Easter tableware sets come with adorable rabbit illustrations that can warm up anyone’s heart. Your friends will think twice before deciding to put them away after the celebrations are over.