In the last few years, clothing brands including those in high fashion have shown remarkable support for the size inclusivity movement, which was instigated by a number of plus size bloggers and influencers who have been committed to breaking style conventions. 

Through social media, they voice out their ultimate opinion on how there should be a focus on voluptuous models and that stylish or trendy clothes should accommodate for all shapes and sizes. Here are five in demand plus size bloggers in Canada who are progressively reaching the forefront of the global size inclusivity movement.


Assa Cisse (@mycurvesndcurls)

A mother of two, Assa is a leading female blogger based in Toronto that whose goal is to educate women around the world about appreciating their bodies and increasing self-confidence to develop their own personal styles. She also covers some lifestyle topics including interior design tips and fitness as well as ideal travel destinations in the local area. 


Sara Sohail (@theprepgal)

Sara is another in demand female blogger in the GTA and hails from the city of Oakville. The creator of The Prep Gal, she puts together many chic outfits that certainly set her apart from the others. In addition, she does a variety of informative reviews including on beauty products, restaurants, as well as on major fashion events in the city. 


Sarah Anne (@tonsablush)

With over 100k followers, Sarah has made significant noise in North America and is a major body positivity activist who is currently based in two cities – Boston and Toronto. Apart from her active YouTube channel, her aesthetically pleasing feed is what really allows her to shine, themed with pastel colours and statement outfits. 


Marielle Elizabeth (@marielle.elizabeth)

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"She was the colour of the Moon; she held the harp at her side and moved one hand now and then in slow arpeggios. I could distinguish the shape of her bosom, her arms, her thighs, just as I remember them now, just as now, when the Moon has become that flat, remote circle, I still look for her as soon as the first silver appears in the sky, and the more it waxes, the more clearly I imagine I can see her, her or something of her, but only her, in a hundred, a thousand different vistas, she who makes the Moon the Moon and, whenever she is full, sets the dogs to howling all night long, and me with them.” ― Italo Calvino, The Distance of the Moon And maybe because it's Friday and words escape me, and I wanted to share a sliver of my favorite story with you. Or maybe because I just feel all sorts of powerful and wanted to wildly proclaim I'll be your moon baby. Reflecting all you throw my way. Without promise or hesitation, a beacon of light carrying you home. Setting you on fire in the darkest of nights . . . . . #psblogger #plussizelife #visiblyplussize #sustainablystyled #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodypositive #ethicalfashion #theeverygirl #theartofslowliving #sustainablystyled #psootd #ethicalfashionrepresentationmatters #slowfashionforall

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Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Marielle is a strong advocate for slow fashion on plus size bodies. She’s also a professional photographer for women and GNB bodies of all sizes, abilities, orientations, and ages. Her well-curated feed is a solid testament of her wonderful work, which concentrates on minimalist fashion and close-up photography. 


Syed Sohail (@theprepguy)


The brother of Sara Sohail, Syed or The Prep Guy is currently the leading Canadian menswear plus size blogger. He began his blog in 2014 and has worked with almost 100 leadings brands on both the national and international scale. Like his sister, Syed full out embraces the body positivity movement and showcases an exemplary series of stylish outfits, both casual and formal.


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