Spending time with family or friends in your house during the Holidays was fun, that’s for sure. What’s a better way to celebrate Christmas than to host charades, booze-fueled karaoke sessions, and serve a lot of food on the table.

While wines and nachos are overflowing the night before, the amount of cleaning you need to do the following day can be annoying. The wine stains, sauce spills, food crumbs, and footprints are almost everywhere. If you will clean all of them on your own, you need the entire day to finish all these tasks.

If this is you the day after the party, it’s time to get some help from these five super-handy cleaning robots. These bots will help you clean the floor and keep things in order, just like before the event. You don’t need to hire expensive pro cleaners to lend you a hand – robots are the future of cleaning.

Robot Vacuums

With so many cleaning robots to choose from, buying a robot vacuum is a great start. Robovacs are extremely helpful in cleaning the floor and your carpet – leaving them spotless after a few hours. Best of all, most smart robovacs are equipped with advanced sensors and mapping technology to help them move independently. You can simply choose the cleaning mode and set-up a schedule using a mobile app that connects to the bot using a Wi-Fi network.

If you consider buying a robovac, wait until you read this blog from Stephen A. Hancock (Cleanup.Expert). The article sums up what you need to look for in home robots and recommends the best vacuum cleaners in the market this year. It can give you insights as to what kind of cleaning robot you need based on the type of flooring you have, if you have pets, and other factors.

Grill Cleaning Robots

Once you see how this machine works, you might want to throw away that greasy wire brush and grill scraper you use for years. This innovative technology can be your new favorite BBQ accessory once you see how it efficiently gets the job done. The Grillbot uses strong brass brushes that rotate to scrape most of the burn-on residue on grill grates. All you have to do is place the bot on your grill, turn it on, and let it work for you. Once finished, no more scrubbing is needed.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Did you have a pool party last night? If yes, chances are many foreign objects are swimming in your pool water right now. To get rid of them without a sweat, use a robotic pool cleaner. This automated machine has its filtration mechanism and uses advanced programs to clean the water, the pool’s bottom part, and the pool wall to eliminate debris and algae. Some advanced models even have a remote control for spot cleaning. Since it has a filter, you don’t have to pull it out from the water frequently to remove the collected dirt.

Robotic Air Purifier

When we say robotic air purifier, we mean a mobile air purifier that uses various filtration systems to remove small particles in the air effectively. Highly-advanced models can effectively trap 90% of airborne allergens, pollutants, particle matters, and any other tiny elements in the air. If you are bothered about the lingering smell of cigarettes or food during the party, this machine can help eliminate those unwanted smells as well.

Smart Dishwasher

After consuming all the cakes and beer from the night before, the last thing you want to in the morning is to pick up each spoon and plate and wash them one by one. Lucky for you because Smart dishwashers can get this job done while you catch up some more nap time. For instance, GE Profile™ Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher has an advanced wash system with 140 cleaning jets. This technology can deeply clean silverware no matter how you load them in the tray. The powerful jet blasts remove stuck-on food, leaving the silverware and even tall glasses sparkling clean.