I was walking through the aisles of a pharmacy to find deodorant when I passed a cluttered array of Valentine’s Day knick knacks on the way. I ambled through the section, stopping to check the price on a pair of enormous candy lips, only to catch my frazzled reflection in a shiny pink box of Russel Stover chocolates. I paused to stare, letting the irony of my solitude mirroring back at me from a box of Valentine’s Day candy sink deep into my being.

For the lonely hearts, Valentine’s Day can be a dark time. With the oversaturated commercialization of the holiday, it’s easy to get bogged down by relentless advertisements depicting a perfectly candlelit version of love in which both parties are constantly belly-laughing. Let’s be honest, belly-laughing that much is both annoying and concerning. In the wake of the dismal days surrounding Valentine’s Day, there is a glimmer of hope in the knowledge that other people are spending their day binging Netflix and raiding the fridge too.

Let us help you dive into your Valentine’s Day sorrows with 5 songs that trigger the feels, giving you about 17 minutes to really dig deep.

“You & Jennifer” by bülow

Bülow is a master of cutting straight to the point, and “You & Jennifer” is no exception. Between rapidfire vocal delivery and laid-back dark pop production, she transforms heartbreak into vocoder-drenched music decadence.

 “Die 4 You” by Perfume Genius

Half-whispered and half-sung, “Die 4 You” is a haunting song, complete with gentle chain sound effects and simmering woodwind-heavy production. This is a good one to que before staring at your own reflection in your computer screen.

 “Cool Side of The Pillow” by Kyle Dion

If you’re feeling like texting your ex, do not listen to this song. However, if you’re feeling dangerously sentimental, this moody R&B banger will definitely give you what you want to hear.

“Still Mine” by Alextbh

Alextbh is a Malaysian artist who writes and produces his own music. “Still mine” nails the angst that follows a breakup with chilling accuracy. Listen to this one when you need to take a break from eating snacks to dance.

“Moving On” by Anna of the North

Driven by synths and 80s-style drums, “Moving On” is a good one to end the night on a positive note. Anna of the North gives a shoulder to cry on with empathetic lyrics and gentle vocal delivery.


These songs are sure to get you through Valentine’s Day.


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