We owe so much to our parents. They fed us, nurtured us, and even healed us whenever we needed it, from putting bandaids on our scrapes and scratches to supporting us through broken hearts. They tolerated tantrums, were patient when we weren’t, and invested time, energy and money into our lifelong wellbeing.

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That’s why when it comes time to get your parents a gift, you want to put a bit of thought and effort into choosing the best one. After all, you owe so much to them, and they deserve to feel even a fraction of your deep appreciation.

Although picking the best gifts for dads can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be. In this helpful article, we’ll help by sharing our top five fun gifts for dad that will have him feeling like a kid again. Read on to discover them.

A Board Game

Chances are, your dad played board games growing up. Chances are you played with him when you were growing up too. Between your different generations and through to the present day, the world of board games has well and truly grown immensely. Nowadays, there are thousands of games out there for families and friends to choose from. As a result, you’ll absolutely be able to find some fantastic, strategic, fun, challenging board games that dad can play with you, or with your mum, or even the whole family if that’s what he wants to do.

A New Computer

Receiving new electronics as a gift will have anyone feeling like a kid, and for more reasons than just the fact that any new gadget comes with a serious learning curve and an ability to feed dad’s curiosity. But what kind of electronics can you gift your dad? 

If your dad’s computer is old, buggy, and slow, then why not buy him a new one? Depending on your dad’s preferences, you can choose between a laptop and a desktop computer. If he has a dedicated study space, then a desktop is ideal, but a laptop may be the better option if he’s always on the move.

Depending on your father’s age, he may also like to play video games. If this is the case, get him a computer that can handle the latest and greatest video games, or include a video game with the computer. Remember, Gen X dads grew up playing arcade games, so this is a top gift idea if your dad is a member of this generation.

A Sports Related Gift

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If your dad is sports mad, then you should definitely choose a fittingly sports-related gift for him. If he’s past his ball kicking or throwing peak and is more into spectating, however, that’s fine. In this case, you might opt for signed memorabilia from his favourite sports figure, which will be an exciting gift, to say the very least.

Or perhaps dad is into pool or bowling, in which case a new cue and ball set or a personalised bowling ball is a brilliant gift idea. A new set of clubs won’t go astray if he’s into golf either! Regardless of what sports-related gift you do end up getting him, a sports-loving dad will feel as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve with gift ideas like these.

A Pair Of Wireless, High-Quality Headphones

Most dads are into music, whether it’s rock, metal or classical, so another gift that will be sure to excite your father is a pair of top-notch wireless headphones. Choose a high-end brand such as Bose or Sennheiser. This way, dad can crank his favourite music around the house without mum telling him to turn it down. The headphones will give your dad immense enjoyment, particularly their high sound quality. 

A Kite

Flying a kite is one of the most childlike, carefree activities that there is. Just picture your dad out on a sunny, windy day, the kite rippling in the air and riding the gusts as he watches it and strides to keep up with it giddily. Gifting dad a kite is a great way to make him feel young again. The best part about this is it is an activity that your dad can enjoy with you and with your kids if you have any. His grandchildren will love flying a kite with their grandfather, and together you’ll build memories that will be sure to last a lifetime. 

A Special Edition of His Favourite Book

Does your dad have a favourite book? Perhaps one that he grew up reading holds a warm place in his heart. Well why not give him a special edition of this book? Perhaps it’s a limited edition hardback, or maybe it’s signed by the author. If he’s a bibliophile, he will truly appreciate this gift and it will generate that childlike wonder and nostalgia whenever he reads it again. 

Another idea is to gift dad a box set of his favourite book series. It could be a Stephen King series like The Dark Tower or A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. A special boxed set will impress him for sure! 

Generous Gifts for Dad

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In this informative article, we’ve shared six fun gifts for dad that will have him feeling like a kid again. From a strategy board game to a new computer and even a kite, these unique gift ideas should inspire you to get ready for Father’s Day, your dad’s birthday, Christmas, or any other celebration where dad deserves to get as spoilt as you kids for a change.

Published by HOLR Magazine.