Father’s Day may look a little different this year, but you can still spoil the father figure in your life with gifts as thoughtful as he is. Whether it’s a tool to spark a new hobby or something you know he wants but refuses to buy for himself, here are some of the best gift ideas for Father’s Day. Presented by Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife.

For the Outdoorsman Dad
Farmer X Alox—CAD 90.00 excl.tax 

From camping to hunting, a Swiss Army Knife is the quintessential tool for any dad who loves an outdoor adventure. The Farmer X Alox features an excellent set of 10 tools for everyday use, like a blade, scissors, bottle opener, and screwdrivers, but also includes a spanning wood saw that’s sure to come in handy on the campsite. It’s all you need, and then some.

For the Top Chef Dad
Swiss Classic Carving Set, 2 pieces—CAD 78.00 excl.tax 

Because the finest grill masters deserve the finest utensils, get your dad this two-piece set to elevate his carving game. Created by the makers of the original Swiss Army knife, you know this set will stay sharp and reliable for years. Slice, sliver, carve and cleave with the 19 cm knife. Keep it all stable on the board with its natural partner, the 15 cm fork.

For the Sporty Dad who loves to Golf
GolfTool – CAD 92.00 excl.tax 

Help your dad take his golfing game to the next level with the Victorinox GolfTool. With 10 golf tools housed in one convenient case, dad will never have to waste time rummaging through his bag. Equipped with a ball marker, groove cleaner to clean the clubhead, a tee punch for frozen grounds and so much more. The golfer in your life will be forever grateful!

For the Green-thumbed Dad who takes pride in his garden
Pruning Knife M—CAD 61.00 excl.tax

If your dad loves to spend hours creating the perfect garden oasis, then this Victorinox Pruning Knife is the ideal gift to add to his gardening arsenal. When things in the garden get a little overgrown, you need a tool that puts you back in control, fast. This blade is a pro at trimming off dead foliage and harvesting all types of fruits and veggies. In a striking red look, you’ll easily locate it on the lawn, too.

For the Dad who enjoys a day on the Water
Skipper Pro—CAD 138.00 excl.tax 

Beautiful, stress-free, ready-for-anything days on the water require a beautiful, stress-free, ready-for-anything tool. This is why Victorinox’s Skipper Pro is the ultimate tool for the boat loving dad. This pocket knife comes with 12 tools ensuring dad has everything he needs to tackle knotty problems and stubborn shackles.

For the Dad who loves to Hike
Altmont Active Lightweight Expandable – CAD 152.00 excl.tax 

Meet the adventure-seeking dad’s new go-to travel partner with serious storage space. Housing up to 32L in capacity, the Altmont Active Lightweight Expandable Backpack is the kit to invest in for true outdoor enthusiasts. An elastic loop system makes for easy storage of hiking poles. Plus, the integrated accessory cord works with exterior gear loops to effortlessly attach helmets, sneakers, climbing gear, or yoga mats.

For the Working Dad who can never find the right laptop bag
Cadet Laptop Backpack—CAD 88.00 excl.tax 

Save your dad the stress of finding a new laptop bag with this practical gift. The Cadet Laptop Backpack is designed to keep your laptop safe and boasts plenty of pockets to keep all of your must-have items organized and close at hand. You can be confident that your dad has everything he needs to stay focused and equipped—whether he’s working remotely or preparing to get back to work at the office.

For the Foodie Dad
Cheese Master—CAD 76.00 excl.tax 

The Cheese Master is the perfect gift for the cheese aficionado in your life. An expertly engineered blade and a fondue fork (plus six other multifunctions), this is the work of exceptional Swiss engineering. Created in close collaboration with the Swiss Cheese Union, it allows ardent cheese lovers to navigate the cheese culinary landscape with on-point style. From slicing through unripe Emmental to enjoying your fondue, this is the compact master to do it.

For the Handyman Dad
Pioneer Alox Limited Edition 2020, Large – CAD 66.00 excl.tax 

Help the handyman in your life work faster and easier with a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that is sure to evoke some nostalgia. The Pioneer Alox Limited Edition 2020 model comes in an ice-cool aqua blue shade reminiscent of its Alpine lake roots. This budget-friendly tool has 8 functions including a large blade, screwdriver, and wire stripper. Equipped to deliver tangible results wherever, whenever.

For the Trendy Dad
Fieldforce Sport GMT—CAD 475.00 excl.tax 

The FieldForce Sport GMT is an elegant classic outdoor watch. Boasting iconic Swiss Army knife-shaped features, plus an optional rubber strap for an exciting all-terrain, a sporty twist on a classic design. The GMT function also allows for tracking a second-time zone, keeping dad in touch with local and home time in one easy glance. It’s the closest he’ll get to time travel.