Wheel chocks are wedges made of sturdy material like rubber, plastic, or wood used as an additional safety measure to stop a vehicle from rolling or moving. They are placed against a vehicle’s tires to prevent accidental or unwanted movement. Wheel chocks are extremely handy in various situations, such as when performing maintenance work. Even if your car is parked and the brake is engaged, there is still a risk that it could roll away and seriously someone or cause damage to the surroundings.

Some additional scenarios where wheel chocks can prove extremely valuable. These include:


  • Your vehicle breaks are not functioning effectively and cannot be relied upon to keep the vehicle in its place.


  • They can add additional safety and prevent the car from rolling away when parked somewhere very steep.


  • They can prevent the vehicle from sliding away when parked on an icy surface.


Even if you do not face any of these scenarios, it is still a wise idea to keep wheel chocks in your car for any unforeseen situations. Here are six essential factors to keep in mind when shopping for the most efficient wheel chocks.

1. Tire Size

As mentioned at https://www.calloftheopenroad.com/best-rv-wheel-chocks/, selecting the rightly sized chock that fits the tire’s diameter is essential when selecting the appropriate wheel chock. You may need smaller or large chocks, depending upon the size of your vehicle tires. To choose the ideal size, measure the tire size and choose a wheel chock at least a quarter of it. If the tire is around 40 cm in height, you will need wheel chocks roughly 10 cm tall. That will ensure that the chocks fit securely on the tire, providing enough of a ramp to stop any movement.

2. Parking Surface

Another crucial consideration is the terrain on which you will park the vehicle. The grade of the surface will also determine the number and type of chocks needed. The steeper the decline, the more chocks, or chocks with a greater weight you may need to keep your vehicle secure. Different types of surfaces like pavement, dirt, and gravel have varying levels of traction. A car parked on slick concrete will most likely be secured more effectively with rubber chocks, whereas if parked on dirt, then aluminum chocks with teeth may work better. Therefore to keep your vehicle stable, you would require a specific type of wheel chock.

3. Vehicle Weight

All types of wheel chocks are designed to hold a car still and prevent any unintentional movement, be it small or big. However, it is critical to select the right wheel chock because it has to shoulder the vehicle’s weight. Additionally, it also has to work against gravity at times. 


Heavier vehicles will respond better to heavy-duty chocks. If you intend to buy them for industrial use, then it is better to get chocks designed for the purpose.

4. Material and Durability

Choosing the right material for your wheel chocks should not be overlooked. Make sure to buy chocks made out of sturdy material that can withstand rough weather conditions. That will ensure you get a better life and performance out of the wheel chocks. Chocks are commonly made of urethane, rubber, and aluminum. 


Rubber has traditionally been the most commonly used material due to its cost-effectiveness. However, it is susceptible to degradation from elements like extreme heat or cold. It also does not withstand exposure to fuels, oils, and lubricants, due to which it is a poor choice for mechanics or repair shops. Polyurethane is much more resistant to harsh weather and other materials and does not degrade when exposed to them. Aluminum chocks are high strength and lightweight, making them a wise option for vehicles with a high gross operating weight. 

5. Number of Chocks

You will also have to examine the number of chocks needed to keep the vehicle safely immobilized. That would depend on the surface where you will park the vehicle and the gross operating weight of it. For example, a vehicle parked on an uphill slope may require four chocks to keep it safe. Larger vehicles will require more chocks, whereas others may only require a single chock. 

6. Brand

Since wheel chocks’ primary purpose is to keep your vehicle and others secure, it is imperative to choose them from a reliable brand to ensure you get a quality product that provides the most value and unmatched performance. 


Wheel chocks are a cheap investment and relatively simple items to buy. However, it is always a good idea to put some thought and research into buying them to get the best fit for your vehicle.