Skinny dipping used to have a naughty connotation, but not anymore! Au naturale adventures can now be found in the skin care aisle of your local drug store… a somewhat more accessible jaunt than 3000 miles away! Here are some of our favourite natural products to try today.

St. Ives’ new REFRESHING ROSE WATER & ALOE VERA BODYWASH (containing 100% natural rose and aloe extracts), can capture that getaway feel everyday, without you having to leave your home. The plant-based cleanser adheres to the green movement: a brand-conscious awareness of beauty with benefitsfor the discerning consumer.

St. Ives loves ‘delicious nature’, and with the addition of concentrated extracts, their signature skin care blends deliver a targeted solution to the most common beauty issues. In two easy steps, you can elevate your skin to ‘radiant status’ with their exclusive products.

The cleansers offer targeted trouble-shooting for any skin type. They’re oil-free and infused with antioxidant-rich extracts ( but it’s what they don’t contain that will make your skin want to thank you!). Free of oils and parabens, these non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) formulas are gentle and dermatologist approved. The CALMING CHAMOMILE DAILY CLEANSER is made with 100% natural chamomile extract, (good for sensitive skin), while the HYDRATING WATERMELON DAILY CLEANSER provides all skin tones with a fresh, radiant appearance.

Finish off with the AVOCADO HYDRATING DAILY FACE MOISTURIZER ( for combination to dry skin) or the WATERMELON GLOWING OIL FREE DAILY FACE MOISTURIZER– with 100% natural watermelon juice ( for combination to oily skin ). Apply to your face while still damp, to optimize their effect, and achieve luminosity goals with minimal effort.

Schmidts is taking a giant leap into this ‘feel good’ mandate with the groundbreaking  plant-powered formula found in their natural deodorants. The absence of baking soda makes them perfect for sensitive skin, and the Certified Vegan (Cruelty-free) base glides on easily (leaving a non-greasy, non-sticky application).

Offering a collection of fusions that bring a sensory getaway to your post shower routine, a single swipe can pause the chaos that’s typical of starting the day (think of it as your very own Home Spa Haven in a tube)!

What tends to be your morning mood? Ever sacrifice that 10-minute window for brekkie with one too many hits on the snooze alarm? Then you can probably relate to feeling “Hella H-angry!” – (the result of ‘sleep greed’ mixed with level 12 hunger.) There is a remedy within reach;  Indulge in Schmidt’s LAVENDER AND SAGE deodorant and you’ll slow your roll back to neutral. This soothing fragrance has a clean, herbaceous scent, allowing you to reconnect with nature and keep the looming pressures of the concrete jungle at bay…

Perhaps you combat the dawn with a more robust mindset?  A morning filled with 20 push-ups, a couple of side planks ( the regular ones are for wimps!) and about 40 burpees….well…, just because you’re THAT cool!  A hard-core hit of the ROSE + BLACK PEPPER HEMP SEED OIL formula is a tailor-made match, with its tiny dose of ‘tude underlying the surface sweet. It’s unique fragrance of rosy floral, (mixed with a flash of cracked peppercorn), makes for an innocent/edgy blend that suits an adrenaline-pumped personality like Bonnie suits Clyde! .

Elegant exoticism is the feeling encapsulated with one whiff of SAGE + VETIVER HEMP SEED OIL. Sharp, sheer notes of vetiver grass, paired with delicate tea and spicy fruit create a timeless ode to yesteryear. If nostalgic romanticism floats your boat, then you’re in for a treat! Just like its counterparts, this deodorant gets the job done, while boosting your mood in the most unexpected way. Titillating toiletries have changed the game!