Leather bags are fashionable, comfortable, and durable. A leather bag is one of those accessories that you should consider having as a part of your wardrobe. Whether you are in business, in arts, or sports, a leather bag can cater to your daily needs. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider getting a leather bag.

Brown leather bag with cotton flowers on a grey concrete background


Versatile Look 


Von Baer leather bags provide versatile fashion looks. You may be on your way to a board meeting and carry our leather briefcase with you. Your work colleagues may notice your professional style and acumen, which may result in elevated levels of respect. If you are on a travel venture, the leather travel bag will help you reach your destination in a comfortable style. When out and about with your peers, the backpack will add to your chic look. Regardless of the occasion, a leather bag will be the signature of your style.




Leather bags are durable, which is the desired factor, particularly when it comes to a briefcase. A briefcase functions more regularly than a travel bag, for example, which is why it needs to be durable. Having to purchase a new bag regularly because of usage frequency isn’t resourceful. A durable bag, however, means you can save money by avoiding repeat purchases. Although a leather briefcase is durable, you still need to practice care for it.


Compliments Accessories  


A leather bag complements other accessories you may decide to wear, meaning you develop a signature style of dressing. You can match your bag with your coat, belt, wrist-watch, and shoes, for example. There are different ways you can experiment and create a signature look with the help of your bag.


Easy Maintenance 


A leather bag is easy to maintain. This is a great advantage, particularly if you are always on the go. You don’t need to worry about setting aside a day to wash and dry the bag. You simply need to apply a few drops of soap on a wet cloth and clean the bag. The material is such that it doesn’t easily catch on to dirt, meaning when you wipe down the bag, minimal effort is required if you do so regularly.


Protective Material  


The quality material protects the content in your bag. You don’t need to panic on a rainy day that your products will get wet. The items are safe because of the water-proof material. You should make sure to wipe and dry your bag if it gets wet on the outside. Prolonged moisture can make the bag lose its elasticity and may rot over time.

The same applies to high temperatures. Your items are protected from the heat as you go about your day.




The elasticity of a leather bag provides space for your items. You might not have to struggle to fit in items as you do other bags that don’t stretch. Keep in mind, however, that sharp objects can cut the material.


A leather bag is versatile, meaning you can wear it on different types of occasions. The material is durable, meaning the bag resourceful. It is easy maintenance and protects the items you carry regardless of temperature. The bag has space and also compliments other accessories you may choose to wear. A leather bag is not only functional but helps communicate your fashion sense.

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