Covid-19 has brought significant changes to our lifestyles. We can’t live as we used to live, at least not during the quarantine. We can’t visit the gym or visit parks, we can’t do a lot of things that are helping us to stay in good shape. But that’s not the end of the world and healthy food habits might help us not to gain weight. And here are some tips you can use while being on self-isolation.

#1 Do Not Over-Purchase

You can find a lot of memes on the Internet displaying people who have eaten everything they bought in one day. It might sound funny, but it’s actually something you should avoid. When going out to the store, make sure you have a list of things you need to buy. First, it will help you to not waste time and endanger yourself. Second, it will save you a significant amount of money. As a result, you won’t buy excess food, thus you won’t eat over your limit.

#2 Prioritize Fresh Healthy Food

Junk food is something you should avoid at least during the quarantine. It’s OK that sometimes we want to eat something delicious, but not good for our weight. While having the ability to go to the gym, you might allow yourself to do that once in a while. But definitely not during quarantine. Buy fresh food, like vegetables and fruits, salads, etc. In particular, prioritize products with shorter shelf life.

#3 Prepare Meals Yourself

You can do it alone or you can have some help from your family members. First, it is fun and enjoyable. You can try different recipes, experiment with ingredients, etc. You can even like it so much that you won’t ever prefer food from the restaurant to homemade meals! Second, it’s safer, especially during the coronavirus pandemia.

While making food, you spend some time preparing it. You get distracted, you put some effort into doing so. Instead of just ordering the meal whenever you want it, you have to prepare it and thus burn some calories.

#4 Think About Product Delivery

If you live in the suburban area, it might be more difficult to buy products. You can use food delivery (not prepared meals, but products), so you won’t endanger yourself. The benefit of such an option is obvious – you can choose products online without any hustle and bustle.

You won’t forget to buy anything, and you won’t buy excess food since you will be focused only on your task. It is no secret that markets are trying to make you buy more products by using different techniques, but it won’t happen with you while making purchases online.

#5 Limit Portion Sizes

Do not make them smaller without necessity, just don’t make them bigger. It’s easy to eat more than you are at home. Try to eat smaller portions, but more frequently. Or eat normal portions, but less frequently.

#6 Kitchen Discipline

Safety is even more important now during the quarantine. Make sure you separate raw food from prepared food. It’s important to cook meat and fish at high temperatures, so try to avoid eating sushi or similar meals. Keep the kitchen clean, use sanitizers on knives and kitchen counters where you prepare meat or fish. Wash your hands – it’s always a good idea.

#7 Do Not Eat When Bored

If you are bored, distract yourself with something useful or fun. It’s common for people to eat when they don’t have anything else to do. So read a book, clean your apartment, organize your stuff, etc. Play games or spend time with family – anything works.

Be safe and do not endanger yourself. It is important to understand that self-isolation will be over someday and you will be able to return to your usual schedule. But for now, you need to change some habits, especially eating habits.


Louis Robidoux is a blogger who enjoys writing articles that are of great interest to society. After having lots of posts published on different platforms, Louis decided to create his own site where he’s covering topics about food, interesting hacks and lifestyle.