Rule number 1, summer is never cancelled, and there’s always a reason to be glowing, which means you better start working on your quaran-tan! We may be forced to stay at home, but nobody is forcing us to stay pale. It’s important to keep that glow and Tan on the Run has got you covered. Most beauty regimes like tanning are not an essential service, however, you still want to look good and feel your best and skincare is one of the most vital beauty regimes. Tan on the Run is a reputable, high quality, and safe tanning method. It is one of the most ethical, effective, and environmentally friendly products on the market. Their self-tanner is organic, risk-free, and simple to apply, leaving you radiant and beautifully bronzed. It’s perfect for your significant other, or a simple gift to yourself as an act of self-care, which is a great way to lift your spirits during self-isolation.

Tan on the Run is popular amongst celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Jessica Chastain. They work with over 400 actors in the film industry and they’re even the official spray tan partner for the TorontoRAPTORS and Argos! In addition, Tan on the Run is hypoallergenic, vegan, paraben-free, and suited for all skin types. Their do it at home glow kit is a part of their line of organic products: OhSo Organic.

You mustn’t let yourself go during this pandemic. When you look good, you feel good and we could all use a Quran-tan glow up right now. You’re just in luck. We @HOLRmagazine will be running a giveaway for Tan on the Run’s at-home self-tanning kit, which includes the organic tanning spray and the brush as well as a Moroccan exfoliating mitt to leave you silky smooth.

You can watch the product tutorial @tanontherun. It can be used on your face and body, with a simple spray brush and blend! It can even be used as a contour. There’s nothing like a natural jawline and highlighter. No makeup, no problem. Last but not least it’s also washable and won’t stain! You have one body and it’s pertinent to nourish your skin with natural products free from damaging chemicals. Tan on the Run is here to give you a little dose of Vitamin D, leaving you sun-kissed, laid-back, and glowing more than ever! Self-care is paramount. Products from Tan on the Run can be found all over Canada, shipped directly to you and on top of all of that, their founder is a girl boss. Find your Corona beach and pamper yourself with Do-it-at-home-glow expert, Tan on the Run. You deserve it. Happy Quaran-tanning!

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