Buying gifts for men isn’t always easy. They can be stubborn about what they want by not mentioning they need anything, or simply buying the gifts themselves, so it’s difficult to pick something out they’ll really like. Keeping that in mind, there are still plenty of ways to wow that friend, that family member, or that special guy in your life even without picking his brain for ideas.

If you’re looking for some perfect gifts for that particular man you know or love, then you shouldn’t have to look too far. Here are 7 perfect ideas that will stand the test of time, and be just as useful in 2021, as they’ll be in a couple of years.

1. New Wallet

Every man should carry around a quality wallet. It’s a sign of class to have one that isn’t too flashy, doesn’t do too much, but is practical and durable. If you look at a Trinity Trifold Wallet, you can see that you don’t need much, but it should hold all of his most important cards and match his style. Always look for high-quality leather as well when buying him a good, new wallet.

2. Special Occasion Shoes

They say women obsess over shoes too much but they actually are really smart when it comes to this dress wear. A good pair of heels will last them a long time and allow them to enjoy plenty of functions, which is why a guy needs a solid pair of special occasion shoes or footwear. Whether it’s a pair of brogues or oxfords, or maybe a pair of Chelsea or chukka boots, getting him a nice pair of footwear he can wear out on a date or to a semi-formal event is something he’ll thank you for eternity. Every guy needs and deserves the right pair of shoes for his closet.

3. Smart Peripheral(s)

You know them by their more colloquial name, smart devices, or usually smartwatches, but whatever you want to call them, he will definitely appreciate one. Syncing up with his iPhone or Android smartphone will allow him to play music hands-free, track his fitness and health, and do more with less. A good smart peripheral like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch will give him more freedom in day-to-day life.

4. Coffee Subscription


A hardworking guy needs coffee that matches his work ethic, and it can be difficult picking out just one bag of beans or grinds, especially when you aren’t sure what kind he likes. The solution is simple, you get him a coffee subscription. Subscription boxes are all the rage and they come in all kinds, including coffees. Exotic, rare, or local coffees will help open up his caffeine palette and help surprise him with a new favourite of the month.

5. Fancy Cookbook

Any self-respecting man should be able to provide for himself and his family, so he needs to know cooking as a basic life skill. Learning to cook is easy, but it’s branching out and expanding your tastes and abilities that’s hard, which is why it’s so helpful to get him a fancy cookbook with plenty of unusual or exquisite recipes to try his hand at. A cookbook is also a very practical gift because recipes never get old, they only improve with age, not to mention it’s handier to cook with a cookbook than using dirty hands to swipe through a recipe on a phone.

6. Bartender Guide

In a similar vein to learning to cook or expanding cooking abilities, a classy guy is also a whiz behind the bar. Nothing impresses party guests or a date like knowing how to whip up a fancy cocktail with ease, so getting him a bartender’s guide and drink recipe book is something that will increase his social abilities tenfold. If you happen to be his partner, then it’s definitely worth getting for him.

7. A Drone

The last gift on the list is certainly not the lowest on the price guide but it’s something that could provide him hours of entertainment. A drone is a wicked cool gift because it allows him to learn to pilot it as a hobby and it allows him to get creative with video making and photo taking. It’s a great gift to get someone because it has plenty of use past the initial fun value.

While guys might not be the easiest to shop for when it comes to gifts, be it a friend or a partner, this list will provide you some great ideas or handy inspiration for when you need to find him something to purchase.