We are all currently going through one of the toughest times in recent history: the global pandemic of COVID-19. As if worrying about you and your family’s health isn’t challenging enough, you also need to care for your business as well. Fortunately, the digital age offers a way and there’s no better time than today to talk with your web design team about the strategy that you’re going to perform moving forward.
Improve Your Website’s eCommerce Capabilities

Self-isolation and quarantine protocols have made eCommerce more relevant as ever. More and more business owners discover that it offers a way for their business to survive through these difficult times. Hence, it’s definitely smart to give your online store the best advantage by adding AI integration and web push notifications features.

Level Up Your Media Game

Marketing is most certainly not dead even if the current crisis prevents face-to-face interactions and working from home has never been so actual. Instead, level up your media game by creating more online videos and presentations to highlight your brand. 

If live product demonstrations are required, then consider investing in better video conferencing tools for your sales and marketing team. 

Upgrade Employee Communication

Speaking of better video conferencing tools, consider getting a better communication platform for your employees as well. This will allow them to continue with their collaborative tasks even while working remotely

We prefer all-in-one platforms that allow online meetings, individual messaging, group chats, and file sharing. In this way, everything is all in one place.  

Enhance Business Processes with the Right Online Tools

There are plenty of online tools that you should consider integrating into your business operations aside from communication platforms. Work scheduling apps, inventory management tools, and online banking programs are just a few of those that you should consider. 

This will allow your business to run smoothly with minimal physical interaction that will ensure the safety of both your employees and clients. 

Consider Online Ads

While social media and email marketing still prove to be the best ways to reach out to your target demographic, this doesn’t mean that online ads are not as equally efficient. In fact, social media platforms like Facebook are offering affordable ads already that can boost your brand’s online reputation. Another favorite is Google Ads given the online visibility and reach they provide.

Secure Important Business Information

One of the main concerns that business owners have when transitioning online is security. After all, it can easily be compromised with a single mistake. Hence it’s always wise to improve online security whenever you can. Here are some tips on how to do so:


  • Establish your core group and limit access. There’s usually a single person who manages all the important passwords and online credentials in a business. The business owner. But what happens if you get sick or an emergency arises that limits your online availability? Hence, you can create a master list for all this sensitive information in one place and allow a carefully chosen few access to it. This is your core group or the people who you really trust within your organization.


  • Change passwords regularly. Don’t use the same password across all your online accounts. This will make it easy for a hacker to infiltrate everything should he be able to gain access to one of them. Change your passwords frequently as well. This will improve your online security and ward off anyone with malicious intent.
  • Back-up your files constantly. Invest in a cloud-based file management account as much as possible. This will allow you to access your files wherever you are with any digital device. It will even protect your files against any emergency, like a natural disaster that renders your hard drives inoperable or a virus that wipes out the memory of your computer. 

Invest in Content

You probably have a website already. The question is, how efficient is it? Does it show up in online searches? Do your online visitors find what they’re looking for on your page? How long do they usually stay within your website?

These are questions that can be easily answered by content. Content is king. Offering relevant information on your website in the form of articles and blog posts will not only improve your SEO, but you’ll also increase the number of online visitors and the time they spend on your pages. 

Here’s a pro tip: establish a sales funnel on your landing page. This is a strategy where you utilize content to walk your online visitors through every step of the sales process until they actually make a purchase. An infinite sales funnel is even better since it boosts customer loyalty, brings in new clients, and even creates passive income. 

So you see, the internet really is a powerful medium for any business owner if leveraged properly. We hope that the tips that we have shared with you above have helped you during these trying times. And remember, have hope. This too shall pass.