This summer, shoe lovers will be thrilled with all fashion has to offer! Bold, unique, standout shoes, sandals and flats are here to make a statement. Even if you’re not a huge fan of unique, elegant footwear, you’ll change your mind after reading this article. First, let’s ease in with the trend that’s meant for everyone, especially ladies who tend to play it safe, followed by more eye-catching options. This list of eight elegant summer shoe highlights will help you put together the coolest outfits and transform you into a fearless fashionista.

#1. Toe Loop Sandals

Even if you don’t want to put all the spotlight on your toes, you’ll still be obsessed with this sandal design. You can pull off a heeled or flat toe loop sandal, depending on the occasion and your preferences. These summer shoes are so flattering, chic, strappy, and feature a criss-cross section right around the toes, or a simple toe loop.

If you’re already wondering, ‘But how would I wear them?’, the answer is simple. Just throw on a basic white tee, ripped jeans, and you’re ready to go. If you want to amp things up, opt for a strappy slip dress with high-heeled toe loop sandals.

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#2. Square Toe Heels

Square toe heels are everywhere! And when we say ‘everywhere’, we mean it. Regardless of whether you shop fast, high-end or slow, these stunning designs have to be on your wishlist because they will elevate all your looks. Square toe sandals might be a blast from the past and remind you of the good old ’90s, but this time they come in a much more elegant style that’s perfect for both everyday and special occasions. The square is subtle, the straps are thinner, and the heels are better!

Square toe shoes and heels are a perfect match with a body-tight dress with cutouts or ruching. If that’s not your style, put on your favourite jeans, a shirt with oversized shoulders, and you’ll feel like a fashion icon.

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#3. Ballerina Flats

The classic ballerinas are here to save the day for every lady who needs a timeless, elegant flat shoe. Although these flats might seem too simple, they’ll never get old, so consider them a lifetime investment. This summer, the ballerinas are making a huge comeback, and they’re cooler, more colourful than ever. Our favourite styles are decorated with straps to wrap around your ankles and tie in a bow.

If ballerina flats are your thing, but you have trouble styling them, we’re here to help. All you need is a flowy, floral midi summer dress that will put your gorgeous new flats on display. Another way to go is with a midi or mini skirt that emphasizes the straps around your legs, but doesn’t make you look short.

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#4. Woven Shoes

No one expected woven shoes and sandals to become so huge! Braids and woven patterns will amp up your shoe closet, coming in many colours, heel heights, and styles. Although unexpected, the woven shoe is so simple to pair with elegant and basic outfits. For example, you can rock it with a suit or a feminine lace dress.

The chances are you already have a pair of woven shoes that you’ve seen your mother wear and you loved them at first sight. Since buying every single shoe that’s in is not an option, unless you’re a millionaire, you can steal a tip from the book of the biggest fashionistas. Instead of purchasing new woven shoes, you can get the ones from your mom, give them a little love, invest in fixing them and bring back their old glow. Thankfully, shoe repair doesn’t cost a fortune and it’s a much more sustainable way to follow the latest fashion trends. A quality service can take care of the soles, scratches, heels, stitching, replace hardware, restore color, and much more. Even the best fashion icons love recycling pieces in their collections, so you can consider caring for and fixing these shoes a lifetime investment.

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#5. Fishnet

This footwear trend has been on the runways for a few seasons now, but it’s this summer that you’ll literally see it everywhere around you. Fishnet shoes are here to stay, so you better jump on the trend and start thinking of chic outfits to pair it with. Most brands add chains to a fishnet sandal or shoe, making it even more gorgeous than before.

Fishnet footwear will effortlessly fit into your wardrobe. These styles work with everything and anything, including skirts, pants, jeans, dresses. But, of course, since it’s summer, go for bolder colours, and you won’t be sorry.

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#6. Colourful

This summer’s all about colours! Let your latest shoes brighten up your wardrobe and your day by choosing your latest pair in a cute pastel hue or bold, vibrant tones. There is no specific colour to look for; just find a pair of elegant flats or sandals that will make your outfit pop. This trend is meant for the boldest, but it can work for everyone because there are many ways to pull off a statement shoe without feeling like you’re out of your comfort zone.

If vibrant colour is a little too much for you, just opt for a simple white or nude suit, and let a pastel shoe do all the talking. Pastels are much calmer and perfect for everyone who doesn’t want to risk it with saturated tones.

Source: @pernilleteisbaek/Instagram 

#7. PVC Is Back

Those clear sandals and shoes we loved a few years ago are back to rule the summer! Yes, PVC is not the most suitable material for hot days, but if you’re a fashionista that doesn’t mind sacrificing comfort for fashion, then these shoes are perfect for you. PVC sandals are still in, so that’s another alternative that’s more summer-appropriate.

PVC shoes and sandals will elevate every outfit, especially if you choose a neon colour. Wear them with bold dresses, jeans and crop tops, and even a simple, elegant suit.

Source: @leoniehanne/Instagram

#8. Strappy Sandals

The more, the merrier! This season you should shop for one of the biggest trends- strappy sandals. And, the more straps your new shoes have, the cooler you’ll be. During the past year, we’ve seen strappy shoes evolve to get to a point when they’re so sophisticated and fabulous to wear on many occasions. Many designers and brands decided to add cute chains and embellishment to the straps to elevate this footwear trend even more.

Thankfully, straps go with everything, but are especially flattering with an oversized white shirt and cropped white jeans.

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Choosing a favourite is so hard, right? All these eight trends are so different and unique that you might want to have them all. Summer 2021 is all about colour and bold silhouettes meant to help ladies stand out and show off their vibrant nature. Whether it’s straps, chains, PVC, fishnet, or woven, braided fabrics, you can style these shoes with more basic looks or combine them with fierce outfits. 

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