Trends come and go, and when you’re living in a space that represents who you are, you want to show people through paint colours, furniture and accent pieces. 

Not everyone has the same style when it comes to their homes. People are usually one of two, minimalist or maximalist. With a good eye, you can make your home trendy with these key attributes. 


This Girl Loves Colour

Paint has managed to change a room more than the furniture in it. The trend this time around has become not only the colour on the wall but painting designs like arches and geometric shapes. You’re probably thinking geometric shapes don’t sound very appealing but for mid-century modern homes, painted arches are the perfect art piece. 


Elle Decor

Yes, I said it correctly but wainscoting is back and trendier than ever. Renovating a home to keep up with trends can be costly, but adding this trend to your home is cost-efficient and very stylish. Many people have now used wainscoting as full art pieces and focal point in their homes, covering entire walls in trendy geometric patterns, some more modern, and others more maximalist. 


Etsy Shop

Another trend you didn’t think would ever come back considering 1: it’s impossible to put up and 2: it’s impossible to take down. But, wallpaper is another trend that can be cost-efficient. Yes, the trend for wallpaper isn’t what it used to be, now it’s about very specific with images and even textures. Wallpaper now is a trend that can have flat or full finishes, flat like velvet and full like high gloss. The more detailed the wallpaper, the more decorative it becomes.

Shearling Furniture:


Yes, not only are jackets shearling, but furniture is too. No, not made from animals, but the faux fur look is all the trend. Modern style has changed a lot of velvet, leather, or fluffy furniture is very on-trend. Many might think it will be out of style as soon as it comes in, but that is the point in following trends, it is always about what is in and what is now, and soft fluffy chairs are all the rage.

Mix and Match Eras: 

Arch Digest

Mixing and matching eras might sound confusing, like mixing today’s modern with mid-century modern, but if you want a home that isn’t boring and flushed out with the same looks, mixing and matching is a perfect consistency. Say you like the modern farmhouse look, for many modern farmhouses could be all whitewashed furniture and beige fabric couches. It minimizes the damage, try adding a little bit of industrial, a little bit of modern, and a little bit of colour. With a good flow of eras, you’ll be on-trend and stay in style for years to come. 


Arch Digest

Vintage is always good because it always comes back in style. As my previous statement, mixing eras is important, like adding new with vintage. Having a home with modern styles is great, modern can be considered minimalism, and with minimalism comes certain vintage pieces that fit the bill. Modernism is very much clean lines, industrial materials, and neutral tones.