Here are ways to coordinate clothes with a basic white T-shirt to help you comfortably dress up with this simple item within seven days.


A white t-shirt is an essential but highly trendy item that every girl needs in her wardrobe. This is a shirt that most people love, not only because of its youthfulness and dynamism but also because of its ability to combine with other extremely simple but stylish accessories. With a simple white t-shirt, you can transform your boring everyday clothes into something new and more fashionable. This article will suggest ways to coordinate with a white t-shirt within seven days so that you have more choices for this basic item and still show your fashion style.

White T-shirt with jeans

This is a classic duo; women’s t-shirts and jeans are always a popular combination with women and are hard to go out of fashion over the years. The simple yet highly applicable way of mixing clothes is the advantages of mixing jeans and a white round-neck t-shirt. This seems like the simplest way to wear white t-shirts, but it brings a new colour every time you wear them. And especially, you need to combine accessories such as mane, bracelet or bag according to your preferences and you have created your unique fashion style.

White T-shirt with a midi skirt

This is a highly feminine choice for women. This item is almost suitable for all colorful midi skirts, and you can wear them with patterned midi skirts to highlight the outfit. The midi dress is the perfect choice for girls who want to hide the flaws of their legs but still show off their bodies in the ideal way. And besides, do not forget the accompanying accessories such as a chiffon scarf to create a new highlight.

midi skirt

White T-shirt with a blazer jacket

This is perfect for girls who want to break out. Sometimes, everyday office clothes make you bored and difficult to choose new clothes to wear. Therefore, a white T-shirt combined with a blazer jacket will help you become stronger and different. You can easily mix with bottoms like jeans or short skirts or mix with trousers.


White T-shirt with shorts

White T-shirts and shorts have long been the classic duo for active summer days. This style of dress is always the first choice for women. Jean shorts and white t-shirts both bring comfort, convenience and show your fashion sense when combined with accessories. This is an essential summer item for women to wear out with friends or go on a long trip.

White T-shirt with a bib skirt 

You don’t know how to combine a bib skirt to look feminine, and a white t-shirt is an answer for you. The white T-shirt can be combined with all kinds of bib skirts of all colours and textures to make you stand out more. In particular, you can combine accessories such as turbans, scrunchies, or necklaces to become more feminine and gentle in these outfits.

bib skirt

White T-shirt with culottes

This is also a simple combination that brings high efficiency when you coordinate. Culotte pants are also an essential item, so you will become outstanding and still exude elegance and elegance when combined with a white T-shirt. This is an extraordinarily effective and stylish combination for women to wear out or go to the office.


White T-shirt with a maxi skirt

The combination of a long maxi skirt with a white T-shirt brings both gentleness and comfort. If you want to make your outfit more unique, mix a simple pair of sandals, and you’ve got yourself a personality style in the summer. This outfit is highly suitable for you on days out with friends or travelling with family.