When you’re in charge of someone’s life, no matter what, that’s going to have a major impact.


If you’re thinking about a career change, or you’re at the point of deciding what your future career will be, nursing should be on your list of considerations.

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions in the U.S., with a 9% growth expected over the next decade. It’s also one of the highest-paid, with a median salary averaging $77,600 (as of 2021).

In order to get an idea of what you’d be getting yourself into, let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to become a nurse and explore the nursing career.

The Path to Becoming a Nurse

Becoming a registered nurse (RN) is relatively straightforward, but the nursing career has many paths and there is a huge possibility of expanding your qualifications as you progress in your career.

Many student nurses will go right into a hospital setting, others choose work-based healthcare, and others are more interested in management and leadership positions and may choose a different path of learning together.

There are few paths to take with nursing because each one will require you to rely on experience rather than official nursing degrees when it comes to your professional career.

For nurses who want to take their role further, there are courses and programs available to help them specialize. The TWU FNP program is a great example of this, an online program that allows nursing students to specialize in family nursing practice.

Future-Oriented Job Market Trends

A lot of employers have requirements that nurses have a certain number of years of experience under their belts before they are considered for some roles

It’s also important to note that, even if you’re not an advanced nursing student, you can increase your chances of getting a job based on what type of work experience you’ve accumulated.

For instance, having previous work experience in healthcare and/or administration gives you an opportunity to be considered for leadership positions and higher-level jobs in nursing than someone without any prior experience.

If you want the space to explore different career roles or perhaps do some traveling, nursing is a career that you can always go back to whenever you’re ready to start working again.

The nursing industry is also regularly looking for people who are willing to take on more responsibilities, something that should be considered by all nurses no matter what their specialty is.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level job or one that can solely support your lifestyle, the nursing industry has just about every position available.


The Benefits of Choosing Nursing

If you’re considering choosing a nursing career but aren’t quite ready to make the leap yet, there are a few benefits and reasons you should seriously think about it for a moment.

Nursing is a career that can provide you with the financial freedom you want, pay scales can be encouraging, and there are some great benefits to going into this field.

Nursing jobs are always in high demand, as they give nurses the opportunity to make a long-term impact on the people they care for.

Here are a few more really good reasons to get into nursing

1. Work Across The World In All Kinds of Settings

Nursing is a worldwide job.

The demand for good nurses is large and you can find a job anywhere. Travel nurses work in locations all around the world where they help patients while they are away from home.

There are several great hospitals and institutions that have been around for centuries that you could work for. Some of the top medical systems in the world employ RNs to look after their patients and keep them healthy.

Not only can you get paid to travel the world, but you’ll have the ability to care for people who are in even more need of your help than someone who is waiting for treatment at their local hospital.

You can find a job like this at various travel nursing websites and agencies, then travel the world whilst working an excellent career. If you are in contact with the best nursing agency or any travel nursing staffing agencies, they can help you with your research.

2. You Can Earn Advanced Degrees In Nursing

Nurses may be considered intelligent individuals because they are responsible for protecting their patients’ health in ways the patients will never understand, but they still need to be trained properly and if not, this can affect the way they interact with their patients.

When it comes to the education options for nurses, they don’t just stop as soon as you’re qualified. If anything, that’s just one stepping-stone on the way to learning more and becoming a better nurse.

Many nurses choose to continue their education and go on to get advanced nursing degrees, specialties, and other qualifications that will expand their career opportunities.


3. You Can Help Others

You’d be surprised how much patients appreciate a nurse’s service and want to show their gratitude to those who cared for them after their procedure or surgery has been completed.

When an individual has been in your care, you know you’re one of the people who can help them get better, or at least be more comfortable and have dignity.

The more you do this, the better you get at it, and the more you’ll be able to help even more people in need.

If you are someone who likes helping other people, you’ll find a nursing career is very rewarding.

4. Performance-Based Rewards

Nurses are always being pushed to do better. The performance-based rewards system of working as a nurse means that you’ll always be able to earn the best type of income for someone who is looking for a career with longevity.

This means that you’ll never be stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy, as long as you’re consistent and passionate about your work.

As well as the education, training, and support you can always expect from a nursing career, you’ll also get great pay that’s better than that of many other professions which makes it a very lucrative career for people who are money motivated.

5. Unique Career Paths Are Available To You As A Nurse

When it comes to healthcare, there are not many careers that don’t require an RN license, but nursing offers a variety of options.

You can become a nurse-midwife, a nurse practitioner or any other specialty nurse, depending on your interests and the degrees you have completed.

The ability to opt for something that is not so popular, yet offers great benefits and rewards makes this career choice one of the best choices for job seekers.

Roles such as oncology nurse or nursing in adult-gerontology care can be both rewarding and fascinating too and as you progress in your nursing career, you’ll be offered more and more opportunities to specialize.


6. Nurses Get To Use Some Really Cool Tech

As technology advances, so does nursing.

Being able to use the most advanced tools available to keep track of a patient’s vitals and vital signs makes this career even more desirable.

As well as the use of different types of medical equipment (from digital patient monitoring systems to MRI machines), there are lots of other things that make this career appealing.

If you love working with high-end technology, then nursing will be a great fit for you.

The fact that you get to work at such a fast pace, too, means that everything is always moving forward in your field, so there are always new things to learn and further development.

7. You’ll Get To Work In A Team

If you’re a person who really enjoys teamwork, the career of a nurse could be right for you!

Working as a member of a team gives you the chance to learn from other members, tap into their expertise, and feel like you’re a part of something special.

As a nurse, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to better your communication skills and really hone them. You’ll be able to work well with people and make decisions quickly in moments when they are required.

Having great skills and an in-depth understanding of your profession gives you the ability to help others at their most vulnerable times during their recovery (it’s one thing that will never change about being a nurse) and working within a healthcare setting, you’ll have the ability to use those skills in a team environment,

8. Nursing Is A Respected Role

The final reason for joining the nursing career is that it’s a well-respected career path. People will recognize your profession and respect you for your work.

Nurses are generally trusted and valued by their patients, which means that in today’s society, you’ll be able to feel confident and proud of your work.

Nursing is a respected profession because it is one of the most important parts of modern health care. There are still many health issues that need to be addressed and cared for, and those involved with the process will help ensure these issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Whether you’re thinking about going into nursing or already know that it’s your calling, there are many reasons why you should take this career path.

Nursing offers a great opportunity to gain a college education, earn a good income, and follow your passion.

If you’re looking for a career that offers high pay, competitive benefits, specialties, and plenty of flexibility and room to evolve thanks to the technology available in the field, then nursing could be right for you.

Published by HOLR Magazine.