There is nothing more soothing than walking into a room and being surrounded by a collection of greenery.

Nature inexplicably brings a wave of calmness to anyone appreciating all of its beauty. Spending a day hiking in a deep forest appreciating all the different shades of green before you, or kicking back on a sandy beach somewhere soaking up sun rays are sure-fire ways to get away from the stress of life. Houseplants are simply an extension of mother nature; a way for us to bring a little section of the earth into where we call home. Not only do houseplants bring a welcomed splash of colour into any space, but they also have various health benefits for the people around them. In a 2015 study 24 participants were split into 2 groups, the first group was asked to perform a computer-based task while the other group transplanted an indoor plant and after each was done the 2 groups switched activities. After the transplanting task, the participants felt much more calm and relaxed compared to the feelings after the computer activity. The cost of watering and tending to your new green best friends every day is a small price to pay for all the advantages that plants have to offer. So what kind of plant is best? An Aloe Vera plant will grow for years and requires little watering and indirect sunlight. Making a perfect starter plant. Or go for a Pothos plant which is almost impossible to kill and is tolerant of any kind of light. Go get your green thumb on and bring life to your office, home, and anywhere else that needs brightening.