Alessandro Michele is a visionary like no other, his work with Gucci has been everything, including the brand that shapes the fashion world into what it is today. 


Gucci’s resort 2023 collection is Cosmogonie, the collection between fashion and philosophy. The cosmos are a great representation of today’s life and fashion, how fashion influences so much, including moods, actions, relationships and much more. Gucci itself, is the same thing, it is like philosophy, without Gucci there would be no influence, no trends and no path to follow for brands and influencers. 

At the resort 2023 fashion show, Alessandro Michele did what he does best, he took a very important idea and ran with it. In Andria Italy at Castel di Monte, Alessandro put on a show for the stars. Not only were his attendee’ stars, including Dakota Johnson, Paul Mescal and Lana Del Ray, but he has a specific show to put on which included music that sounded like it came from a space station. 


Alessandro’s vision for Gucci started many moons ago when he took over for Giannini in 2015, since then, Gucci became a bigger house brand than it already was. It changed over from high-end luxury fashion to fashion for everyone, which was still high-end. Everybody wanted Gucci, young kids, celebrities, moms, and more all knew that owning Gucci meant something of value. With Alessandro’s vision, Gucci succeeded more now than ever before, and that is how Alessandro created his resort 2023 collection, through constellation thinking. 

Gucci’s catwalk looked very astrological, or cosmic as one might say, the play on stars was the focus of the show, and really made a bold statement for what’s to come in 2023 fashion. 


Many capped looks made it into the fashion show, from sheer black with studded pinstripes, to completely shimmery cloaks of amour. Many looks from the fashion show have brought back into fashion elements that would have been assumed gone. 

Fashion in the last few years lost its glittery edge, in the last 2 years fashion became more ‘comfortable’ and very flat. 

Hopefully, Gucci and Alessandro Michele have resurrected and relaunched fashion for the future with a new collection that is just out of this world. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine