Eastern Europe is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

It boasts stylish, cosmopolitan cities, historical and architectural gems, fairytale-like towns, and stunning natural landscapes, making it nearly impossible to not fall in love with. 

But tackling an entire region equipped with Google and countless websites can be intimidating, so we’ve curated a perfect Eastern Europe travel guide for you, based on the types of travel you enjoy.

Fairytale Towns and Historical Architecture

Arial shot of Wroclaw

Velishchuk Yevhen via Shutterstock

Eastern Europe’s small, fairytale-like towns have captured the hearts of countless travellers. Scattered throughout the region, these towns often feature cobblestone streets, architecture dating back to the medieval times, and heritage sites like mines, catacombs, and castles.

It’s the perfect place to get lost in, and to immerse yourself in an almost fantastical landscape. Wroclaw in Poland, for example, boasts pastel-coloured townhouses, while Tallinn, Estonia is a cultural hub. Tallinn’s well-preserved Old Town lets a traveler—or even a local—feel like they’re time traveling. The city even has a pharmacy that sells fantastical-sounding potions like Unicorn juice.

Kraków in Poland is known for its blend of medieval, gothic, and renaissance era architecture. Kotor, Montenegro is underrated, yet known for its winding streets, Romanesque churches, and its Old Town. On the other hand, Romania boasts a few of the world’s most beautiful and famous castles: Bran Castle (also known as Dracula’s Castle), and Peles Castle.

Natural Landscapes

Kolorina Beach in Dubrovnik

Eastern Europe’s natural beauty is perhaps one of its best kept secrets. It is often overlooked in favour of its bigger, more cosmopolitan cities. But the region is home to several understated wonders, such as:

A series of underground labyrinths and caves in Budapest, the stunning Lake Bled—and Bled Castle—in Slovenia, the remarkable coastal city of Dubrovnik with an Old Town nestled within, and the Kravica Waterfalls in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Cosmopolitan Cities

Close-up of the Astronomical Clock in Prague

Eastern Europe also boasts a few of the world’s most beautiful cultural hubs. These cities are perfect for you if you love big cities with local culture at the heart of it. Some traveler-favourite cities include: Prague in Czech Republic with its unique architecture, museums, nightlife, and the Astronomical Clock; Sofia in Bulgaria, which is famous for its folk and opera singers and its ballet theatres; and Bucharest in Romania. The city features opulent government buildings, elegant churches, and palaces once ruled by Prince Vlad III (“The Impaler”).

Eastern Europe is the perfect region to visit if you’re going for an “off the beaten track” experience, as these picturesque places scattered throughout the region are extremely underrated.


Published by HOLR Magazine.