Traveling to Europe can be the adventure of a lifetime filled with unique cultures and beautiful landscapes. It’s impossible to visit it all in one trip, so find out which parts of Europe are the best places for you to visit.

There are many places in Europe each with its own unique sub-culture and lifestyle, even within each region of each country that exists, with many places having their own dialect of the nation’s language. Every region offers its own vibe and even locations in a region or sections of a city can be widely different from a different section of the same location. So, to the best of our ability, we are here to summarize a list of locations that might perfectly match what you’re looking for!

Outdoors Adventure

It depends on what you wish to see in an outdoor adventure location, looking for skiing? Norway and the alpine mountain range are best. Austria and Switzerland host some of the best skiing locations in the world! If you’re a big skiing/snowboarding fan, these locations are a must. 

Wanting more summertime adventure? The Balkans, Northern Spain, and Sicily provide excellent hiking trails and journeys that will be more than memorable. A famous pilgrimage location is the Camino de Santiago offers a gorgeously unique experience full of culture and unique sites to see. Slovenia has some of the best mountaineering and bicycle paths in the world and you can read all about it and the many picturesque activities revolving around adventure here.

Trying to add the perfect pictures to your collection, we got you covered. The first top location is Santorini, Greece for its over-the-top amazing sunsets, however, most of Greece will provide very picturesque scenery due to the mountainous design of the nation. Iceland & Norway for their extreme locations of majestic magnitudes featuring deep gorgeous ravines and fjords. Our last top pick would be Portugal for its amazing beaches and beautiful hilly landscape which you can read all about here!


If you’re looking for a more life-enriching experience where you wish to surround yourself with centuries of culture then there are many places to choose from here. Vienna, Austria is one of the most cultured places and beautiful cities to see, a rival location is Barcelona, Spain. 

For history lovers, the famous cities of Venice, and Rome are easily some of the most historical cities to check out. Though history is rooted deep in Europe everywhere, make sure to check out Alhambra, Spain, or the many castles throughout Poland! A truly historic city once dubbed the city of the world’s desire is modern-day Istanbul where you can still see the ancient roman Theodosia walls! Speaking of Ancient, make sure to check out Athens, Greece, or the remnants of the ancient Roman baths in Bath, United Kingdom!


For those who understand that culture isn’t just what you see, but eat as well we got the places for you. The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest in the world and easily one of the most delicious. So you can thoroughly engorge yourself on the endlessly delicious meals across Southern Europe while knowing that you are eating healthily the entire time! Another great location to enjoy exquisite meals is Southern Germany in the Black Forest. The food here, similar to Eastern France in Champagne, all the way to Vienna, will be marvelous Central European Cuisine.

Last on our list is for those wine connoisseurs or those with an appetite for alcohol. For wine, the three best locations are France, Spain, and Italy which together make nearly 50% of the world’s production of wine. We recommend checking Languedoc-Roussillon in France, Tuscany in Italy, and Rioja in Spain. For our beer lovers, Krakow in Poland, Munich in Germany, Dublin in Ireland, and Prague in Czechia.