Travel is beginning to pick up quite a bit. More and more people are booking flights and beginning to plan to go away. It has been a while since we have all been strutting through the airport and it might be a little intimidating. We have rounded up some of the most stylish, but comfy, travel looks that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Image Credit: @camilacoelho on Instagram

Joggers With A Blazer

We have all been living in our sweats for the last year and a half and the idea of taking them off is unpleasant. If only there was a way to elevate your sweatpants look. Well, guess what, there is! French tuck your t-shirt into your sweats and throw on a blazer. This creates an effortless but sophisticated look while remaining comfy!

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Loungewear Set

A matching loungewear set is both chic and comfortable. When searching for a loungewear set, look for a plissé set. Plissé comes off as polished and elegant but feels like you have just slipped into your comfiest pyjamas.

Image Credit: Aritzia

Monochrome Sweatsuit

Sweatsuits have been all the rage since March of 2020 and they continue to be. A monochromatic sweatsuit, paired with your favourite white sneakers and some gold jewelry is a great option for an early morning flight. You can roll out of bed, slip on your sweatsuit and you are early morning airport ready!

Image Credit: Zara

Knitwear Sets

Knitwear sets are like a sweatsuit but with an elevated poshness to them. Knitwear sets are the luxury version of sweatsuits. The great thing about Knitwear Sets is that they will keep you warm and cozy on those long and cold flights. Knitwear sets come in a variety of styles as well, from flare pants to skirts, to leggings, to dresses and to shorts. No matter where your destination is there is an option with knitwear. Choose a solid colour or get bold and pick a pattern!

The great thing about all these looks is that they work for planes, trains, cars, or buses. All of these looks are comfy and chic for all modes of transportation. The great thing is all these pieces can be used in many other outfits for your trip!

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