Canadian multimedia artist who flies by the name Tommy Genesis is not new.

Rather, she has existed through influential genres from music like trap, rock and classic jazz. A hubbub of mixed style influences from visual art, music and beauty, Tommy Genesis is our latest inspiration for style.

Tommy Genesis at Miu Miu. Image via Vogue UK

Her Look

A straight-up playful look is the essence of who we would like to call a Miu Miu Girl – she is mischievous without trying to pretend. Not only did she open for the Italian womenswear brand this past spring, she also became the essence of sound to fashion especially during her performance at Miu Miu. Her energy is the hybrid between fashion and sound, or rather music and the feeling it gives us towards our clothing.

“[Fashion and music are] like twins, but they’re not identical ones. They just walk around holding hands.”

Tommy Genesis was born as just “Genesis”. Growing up in Canada’s own Vancouver she is best known from her connection to Atlanta’s Awful Records label. She later softened her name with a secondary given name, added on by the rapper at an unknown age which is just the way she likes it. In one article from W Magazine, the rapper declined to list her age and explained that “If I had it my way, you wouldn’t know my gender”.

“I hate being put in any box.” Tomas Turpie shot Tommy Genesis for Hero Magazine

Her Personal

Out of the box is just the style we like. We were struck by the marriage she created between music and fashion during her Calvin Klein 2016 ad. That same year in September she showed up at New York Fashion Week’s Hood By Air, Telfar, Alexander Wang. This hybrid collaboration she bridges between art performances, whether in fashion or in music or both, is what draws us to her style. She wears a mishmash of femininity flaunted under a dark hood of punk style influence. The epitome of her style is short skirts and cropped shirts, accentuated across broad shouldered tees with bold logos from both streetwear brands and rock bands.

Tommy Genesis via @tommygenesis instagram

Easily achieved by quick thrifts, Tommy Genesis’ style has been adopted by luxury brands since Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2016/2017 Paris show. Ever since 2016, Valentino has followed suit with the two thousand teen’s hype for low-key 70s-naped pony tails, collabed with steampunked jackets and street style kicks. Later emulated into 2017’s polished frenzy for a professional eccentric look like at Gucci, these all circle back to Tommy Genesis and her taste for fashion. The industry is tuned into that influence she holds as she keeps popping up in our party playlists and on beloved billboards. Tommy Genesis’ precedence as a style guide of this fashion era is the ultimate girl empowered look. What’s yours? Share your favourite influencers with us @holrmagazine.