Take a look at this celebrity’s notable style and feel inspired.

It seems the Harry Styles that began his career with One Direction is in a new light as a style beacon for the fashion and entertainment world.

Harry’s most notable tour look is a classically cut suit jacket and pants that plays with Gucci’s GG diamond pattern, upping his look from a man in a simple suit to a modern man who nods to luxury fashion with a streetwear attitude.

Shoutouts for the star’s getups have been spread across varying platforms from Vogue UK online and to tigerbeat.com and even @harryworewhat on twitter. Ultimately his look is rockstar chic, from his wavy locks pushed back from his forehead to his subsequent Burberry, Saint Laurent and of course Gucci outfits.

Mark Robert Milan/GC Images

The blend delicate touches like silk scarves mixed with his sharp cut suits make Harry a perfect example of a stylish man, who can embrace the fluidity of his looks with what seems to be a genuine passion for the clothes. 

Our admiration for Harry’s courageous tour looks is creating a social nostalgic for the artist as we’ve watched him grow up. Before we were drowning in Harry’s ankles stacked with pant breaks. Nevertheless we love the fitted yet lived-in look. That’s something we can fall for, just as Harry almost did at his latest concert this week in London when his foot slipped on a literal kiwi on the stage. 

Jeff Kravitz

To jazz it up like Harry, look for button down shirts with neckties attached and invest in a pair of trousers with a graphic pattern- bonus points if you can find a belt in a matching fabric. The look is about laying patterns on patterns like jackets onto pullovers, onto shirts, and stacks of rings swivelled like a pulse of silver over the knuckles. The maximalist looks is hot and heavy (literally) and there is no better time to try it out than during the winter weather. The style is practical, eccentric and leaves space for individuality to come through. A nice change after fashion’s craze for modernity and minimalism.

Adding further to the silhouette with decorative shoes brings the look a long way. Last spring Harry wore these by Gucci on his feet and we love the extreme cut, height and detail they hold above a loafer or a chelsea boot.


*If your footwear is higher than your ankle bone, the trousers you wear with them should end just above the top of the foot with no brake at the front. In this case, Harry pulled the trousers over the boot and let the breaks scrunch around the top of the shoe.

Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Harry’s multifaceted fashion sense is surely a reflection of his inner spirit. Let your style sing too and broaden your wardrobe into a temple for rockstar-worthy outfits. 


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