Created by Canadian chemist Julia Bao, BAO Laboratory utilizes a scientific approach to developing their skincare products. With the use of nature’s finest ingredients, the Canadian-made products deliver real results by leveraging their team’s scientific expertise to develop groundbreaking, result-driven solutions to skincare problems. 

BAO Laboratory prides themselves on their high-quality oils, saying no to artificial additives and yes to natural nutrients. 

With the summer sun damaging my skin and leaving it feeling dry and dehydrated, I tried the Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil, the Persephone Eye Serum Oil, and the Endymion’s Luminous C sent to me by 6pmsof, a Toronto-based lifestyle and e-commerce site focusing on health, wellness, and beauty. 6pmsof is the modern guide to living your best life, supporting the best most natural Canadian products. 

Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil 


The Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil contains a special blend of pure botanical oil, which feels luxuriously soft and restorative. Actively healing and protecting chapped and irritated skin caused by dehydration, the lightweight formula nourishes and moisturizes without blocking pores. 

Best for repairing, nourishing, and hydrating sensitive and irritated skin. Suitable for acne-prone skin.  

Persephone Eye Serum Oil 

Specifically designed for the sensitive skin around the eyes, the Persephone Eye Serum Oil is loaded with vitamin C and E, virgin organic Sacha Inchi oil, and natural bisabolol. After continued use, my under eyes were left feeling healthy, soft, and revitalized. 

Best for those with dark circle and fine line concerns as the vitamins and antioxidants work to leave the sensitive skin feeling healthy, soft, and revitalized. Recommended for those 25 years and older. 

Endymion’s Luminous C


One of their newest products, Endymion’s Luminous C is designed for all skin types, working to boost your skin’s natural barrier, healing from the inside out, and hydrating on a deep level to truly regenerate, brighten, and refresh damaged skin from UV rays. The 11 types of vitamin C featured in this serum act as potent antioxidants, each penetrating different layers of your skin to recover melanin, reduce damage, and regain a natural, bright and refreshed skin tone. 

Best for UV-damaged skin and those with dull skin or pigmentation concerns.  This product is a great everyday serum for all skin types. 

To try out the products visit 6pmsof and use the code KAITLINNARCISO15 for 15% off.


About BAO Laboratory: 

The founder, Julia BAO, is a Ph.D. in Biochemistry who specialized in small molecule research. As a female doctor in biochemistry, she saw that most skincare products on the market were adding ingredients that are not very skin-friendly. Seeing this, she took matters into her own hands and developed BAO Laboratory, a company that adheres to the consistent concept: utilize the most organic and natural ingredients, maximizing their effectiveness to bring the healthiest vitality and beauty to the skin.

About 6pmsof: 

The name, 6pmsof, was inspired by the golden hour of the day when we spend time with our loved ones. 6PM a call for joy and the time to say “That’s it for today. Better do something for myself.” Built to help the young, busy, modern and sophisticated crowds get inspired and take action in their lives, this brand stands on the ground of being SOF (Self-caring, Original and Family-oriented). 


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