Sustainability is HOT and fabulous! The worlds #1 best beauty brand is hoping on as L’Oreal Pairs launches their sustainability program ‘L’Oreal For The Future, Because Our Planet Is Worth It‘. The luxurious and innovative brand aims to reduce their Carbon footprint by shifting  to a circular economy plan, which mean’s helping increase the sustainability of products and packaging by looking and improving every stage of the product life cycle. 

There are many basic strategies immediately considered when planning sustainable products: recyclable & reusable packaging/products. L’Oreal goes beyond that to positively effect and improve each stage of the product life cycle.

Minimizing Plastic

L’Oréal’s hair experts are transforming their understanding of our hair care. Creating Total Repair 5 hair dye products all in recyclable plastic packaging available to all by 2022. Furthermore, L’Oréal is using recycled plastic in their product packaging, as well as less paper. An example of this is minimizing how much is placed in an instruction manuel with the products. Another goal L’Oréal Paris is implanting  aims to make all packing recycled or biodegradable by 2030.

Since 2002, L’Oréal has reduced Water Generation by 35%

Minimizing Carbon Footprint 

Starting where it’s all made: out of 26 warehouses factories worldwide, 11 are already carbon neutral, with all 26 reaching carbon neutral by 2025. L’Oréal using less paper and recycled plastic in packaging reduces package weights by about 20%, which leads not only to saving paper, but also reducing the weight of the transportation. Therefore minimizing carbon emissions used when moving the products.

Since 2002, L’Oréal has reduced Carbon Emission by 82%

Minimizing Water Footprint

As we embody the changes in sustainability happening on the manufacturing side, we as consumers look for ways to contribute. L’Oréal is conscious of the water use during using, and are improving formula’s that are more biodegradable and require less water usage.

Since 2002, L’Oréal has reduced Water Consumptions by 44%

By 2030, L’Oréal Paris will reduce its carbon footprint by 50% and contribute €10 million to environmental projects.

Discover more with L’Oréal Paris sustainability project here.

Because our planet is worth it

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