Men have a hard time finding a skincare routine that works best for them because they either have a hard time following the guidelines or are not educated enough on the products. Blair + Jack is an Ontario-based BIPOC brand founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Bimpe Ayeni and her husband Ade Ajayi.

Together they have researched and created a skincare line and a simple routine that will have men following the easy steps to take care of their skin by reducing scarring, eliminating acne and razor bumps. 

The brand became what it is today after Ade was having painful shaving bumps, which is a common factor for many men that a close shave. With some help from a pharmacist, Ade and Bimpe had found two products that worked wonders in a quick and positive way, and Ade’s skin has improved. 

Blair + Jack, named after Ade and Bimpe’s twin children, has created an easy way for men to start their own skincare routine. With Blair + Jack, you can easily find what works for you based on your skincare needs and type. From regimens to everyday cleansers and correctors, you will have your skin thanking you in a short time after using their products. 

The three main regimens are simple, either all skin types, shaving bumps, or dark spots. 

All Skin Types:

In the morning and night, all you need to do is cleanse with the Blair + Jack Face Wash the Facial Cleanser gently cleanses your skin by removing dirt and impurities without stripping moisture from your skin and finish with the Moisturizer, Lock in moisture with this unique combination of compounds that will keep your face looking smooth and radiant. 

Men with Shaving Bumps: 

To ease the pain and make your skin smooth again, use the same routine, with a few new steps. In the morning, used the face wash, then add in the Day Formula which will decrease sensitivity, redness, swelling, and other symptoms of irritation caused by shaving. The anti-inflammatory ingredients target acne-forming bacteria to help you avoid razor bumps, and follow with moisturizer. 

At night, cleanse with the face wash, but as your second step add in the night formula, with antioxidants in this cream exfoliate your skin overnight, removing dead skin cells and stimulating healthy cell growth and follow with the moisturizer. 

Men with Dark Spots:

The men with dark spots routine is almost identical to the shaving bumps routine, except in the morning you swap out the day formula for the dark spot corrector. Get rid of dark spots from shaving bumps and inflammation with this powerful and effective combination. Follow with the same moisturizer that soothes skin without clogging pores. For the night routine use face wash, night formula and moisturizer to wake up with refreshed skin. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine