A new collaboration between New York brand Coach and Ms. New York herself Jennifer Lopez has launched as the houses second collaboration which includes bags, accessories and of course a ready-to-wear collection with the signature shearlings and is bringing back the turn-lock hardware. 

This new collection was created based on the values of authenticity and inclusivity that both Coach and Jennifer share. Creative director Steuart Vevers wanted to bring back the hi-lo relaxed approach that represents both of them really well. 

Coach is the iconic New York-based brand that is known for being the original American house for leather. To this day Coach has prided themselves on what they have brought to American fashion, especially the craftsmanship of luxury leather goods. “The same way we care about every stitch that goes into our product, we care about the impact we have on people, communities and the planet,” Coach has always cared about the products they’ve created, wanting and creating them to last a lifetime. 

Photographed by photographer Renell Medrano- the focal point of the campaign is to show the Jenny From The Block singer “exactly as she is” which really is a spotlight on her natural beauty and effortless sense of style. JLo is known for many things, whether it’s singing, dancing, acting or all of it at the same time, JLo knows how to tell a story. In this campaign Medrano captures JLo telling that story through self-interviews and of course dancing. 

Along with JLo’s signature, dance moves come reimagined designs that are signature to the house, including best-selling bags like the chain belt bag with turn lock, which was developed specifically for Jennifer. Another item includes the Field Tote with a new skyline, one that connects the roots that both JLo and Coach have in New York. 

“Coach and I have a lot in common. Mostly we believe in the power of being real—in authenticity,” said Lopez. “This collection is so Coach and so, me. It’s wearable, and a little bit glamorous––but also sporty. It’s that mix that really excites me. It’s the unedited, unfiltered, raw version of us.” You can only imagine that this is the perfect collaboration for Coach, especially for a brand that’s only ever done one other collaboration. Bringing a face to the project with such similar roots, and with the same outlook on raw authenticity allow for clients to want to stick with a brand that has a lasting effect on everyone. From craftsmanship to partnership, Coach and JLo reignite the flame of fashion meets authenticity. The Coach X Jennifer Lopez collections drop on October 6th. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine