A24’s “MaXXXine” hits the red carpet with America’s newest “Scream Queen”, Mia Goth.

June 25, 2024- The red carpet was star-studded on Monday, June 24 as A24’s newest film “MaXXXine” premiered in Los Angeles.A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

MaXXXine Cast

Stars like Mia Goth, Halsey, Elizabeth Debicki, Lily Collins and Sophie Thatcher can all be seen in bold, sparkly pieces at the entrance of the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

Goth, who plays the titular character Maxine Minx, can be seen wearing a black velvet halter dress with leather detailing. A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

Kevin Bacon also attended the premiere, accompanied by his wife Kyra and their son and daughter.

Bacon, 65, was wearing a pair of ’70s-like orange sunglasses with a peach toned suit.A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

Director Ti West, dressed in a white suit with black undershirt, is primarily known for his work in slasher and horror films like “The House of the Devil” and “The Sacrement”.A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

Goth is alleged to be West’s muse, as her performance in the previous “X” films has given her the title of America’s new “Scream Queen”.

MaXXXine Release Date

“MaXXXine” is scheduled to be released on July 5, 2024.

The film is the third to be released in the “X” trilogy, following the blockbuster hits “X” and “Pearl”.A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

The story follows adult film star and aspiring actress, Maxine Minx, as she tries to make it big in 1980’s Hollywood.

If “MaXXXine” follows a similar theme to the previous films, fans can expect to see drama, violence, and suspense.

Lilly Collins was asked what makes Maxine such an iconic scream queen, to which she replied, “Oh my god, she’s just the f***kin coolest.”A24’s Newest Film “MaXXXine” Premieres with Mia Goth

“She doesn’t take no for an answer, she knows how to give the people what they want and she’s damn good at it,” Collins said.

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