An exciting piece of news for fans of the Netflix series “Emily In Paris” is the latest reveal of Emily’s outfits in season 2.

The second season of Emily in Paris has begun shooting in the south of France, and the scenes are giving us major summer outfit inspiration. Grateful for the paparazzi who have captured pictures of the first costumes of Lily Collins, who plays Emily. The costume designer and outfit Queen, Patricia Field, is the mastermind behind our favorite Sex In The City looks. With her history of creating unforgettable outfits on screen, Emily’s looks will be giving us good reason to binge watch Emily In Paris, probably more than once. 

Coming to the first outfit, Emily put on a dress with red, black, white tones and floral motifs below. She wore a hat of the same color as her dress and did not forget to add a bag that matched her outfit. In awe of her ability to mix 4 different prints, that still perfectly compliment each other. 

Photo Credit: News Nation USA

With the next outfit, Emily brings back the 60s. A mint green tie-neck dress and a yellow-brown square-print jacket are giving us all the vintage french glamour. Emily also combined a pair of white fingerless gloves and a scarf in the same tone as the jacket with white square glasses and a mini white bag. We love a very retro and charming Emily.

Photo Credit: Refinery 29

And here’s Emily in a navy blue high-waisted bikini layered with red printed kimono that exudes a fiery summer vibe. Fearless in her ability to mix prints and daring colour combos. The heroine cat-eye sunglasses and white slides highlight her outfit.

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And the last outfit is a ruffled blue dress with a plunging neckline that is both feminine and exudes a seductive beauty. The accessory for the heroine is a bright orange and pink bag, because it wouldn’t be Emily’s trendy fashion style without bright pops of colour.

Photo Credit: Grazia Daily

With only the first sneak peek outfits, we are extremely excited about the outfits and are patiently awaiting the rest of Emily’s iconic outfits in the coming season.