After what felts like longer than 9 months, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have reportedly had their baby boy.

Rihanna 34, and Rocky 33, have been on-again, off-again for a few years now, it was only until 1 year ago in May 2021, that the couple became official during an interview with GQ.

A$AP has always referred to Rihanna as ‘the one and it was about time, the two very close friends made it official. After a few short months of dating, and a few hidden months away from the press, Rihanna and Rocky showed off their growing baby bump while out and about.

These last few months the “IT” couple that they are having been spotted, and on the scene all around the world, at different social events like famous after parties, going to the Met Gala, being on the cover of Vogue and much more.

In recent news, Rocky released a music video for his new single where he and Rihanna go through a montage of dating, and eventually get engaged and married. The video was filmed in 2021 before Rihanna was pregnant, but many can hope that the video is a reality.

Now, 9 months later, it was reported that Rihanna had a beautiful baby boy, the official gender and name have not been revealed, but many can imagine the name being something cool, unique and possibly powerful.

Best wishes to the new parents, and of course the perfect little baby.

Article published by HOLR Magazine