After 4 decades, our favourite quartet will release new music, accompanied by a concert performance in a hologram comeback tour next year. The group surprised fans by releasing two new songs ahead of the album.

The Swedish group went their separate ways back in 1982, and since then, they have only reunited once to perform in 2016 for a private session, exactly 50 years after they first met. This has been the first time they reunite for a new project, which they started in 2018 but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Bjorn Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson and Agnetha Faltskog are preparing this special show called “ABBA Voyage”, which will include a documentary-style film which follows their reunion to work on new songs. The live show is due to open on May 27th, 2022, in a purpose-built ABBA Arena in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park alongside a live 10-piece band.

This show will feature holographic “ABBA-tars” of the 4 artists performing and speaking to the audience as they looked in 1979, taking fans back in time. They are using motion capture and other techniques brought by Industrial Light & Magic, the special effects company owned by George Lucas. They will perform 22 songs, including a compilation of their greatest hits, like Dancing Queen.

An inside source said “Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid will all be there on the opening night. And they will finally unveil their ABBA-tars, which are like holograms of themselves.” Also added, “fans should hold on to their hats because this is going to be one wild ride.”

The new album, “Voyage” will consist of 10 tracks and will be released on November 5th, which is a follow-up to the 1981 album “The Visitors” under Universal Music Group’s Capitol Records label. Ahead of the album release, the Mamma Mia! Legends debuted two songs, I Still Have Faith on You and Don’t Shut Me Down

Benny Anderson said “It’s hard to say what’s been the most joyful thing for me with this project. If it’s the involvement in creating the concert together with everyone or being back in the studio together again after 40 years. I think hearing Frida and Agnetha singing again is hard to beat.”

Bjorn Ulvaeus expressed he was glad they have kept their bond after all these years. “We knew that we had these bonds, obviously. We’d see each other every now and then, but it was especially clear when we were in the studio for the first time for this album, together, because that was so strange and wonderful at the same time. Everything came rushing back like it was yesterday. This was a very familiar, normal situation we were in, the four of us.

We can’t wait to listen to this new album and watch the amazing holographic concert. You can already order tickets for their show here! Let’s hope they will continue to have more future projects and we can keep enjoying this incredible group.

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