Welcome, Hana, Aburi Restaurants’ newest and most intimate dining experience in the heart of Yorkville.  As you walk through the restaurant, you will immediately feel as though you are experiencing a little bit of Japan with the unique, raw, yet contemporary imported art paired with fresh Japanese florals.


Chef’s Counter

In the main dining room, you will be seated at the Chefs Counter where you can witness first hand Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa’s art of combining both modern gastronomy and ancient techniques used to create each incredible course, making it feel as though you have front row seats at a performance for culinary art.


Kakurega Private Dining Room

For a more private dining experience, request to book one of the Kakurega Private Dining Rooms which seat anywhere from 2-8 people for no extra charge. These rooms are perfect for any type of intimate setting whether it be a private business meeting or a special occasion.

Where ever you choose to eat, you are guaranteed a unique and unforgettable experience every visit as menu items change regularly and vary based on the chef’s inspiration with seasonal ingredients sourced both locally in Toronto and directly from Japan.


Aburi Kamasu Nigiri

What makes Hana stand out from other Japanese restaurants is the adaptation of their 15-course Kyo-Kaiseki menu. Originating in Kyoto Japan, Kaiseki, is a traditional Japanese cuisine served in small, intricate dishes, has been interpreted and embodied so beautifully and presented to us almost as a treasure. Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa has created the ultimate tasting menu that ties ritual and tradition with local influences to arouse all of our senses. Think truffle Wagyu with uni or Nova Scotia Lobster with yuzu cream, every bite is truly a delight. Accompanied with beverage pairings and detailed dish descriptions, you are guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience.


Nova Scotia Lobster Tempura

Hana is sure to get booked up fast, especially due to its private and limited seating, so if there is a special occasion or you just want to experience Omotenashi (traditional Japanese service) without having to travel to Japan, make a reservation as soon as you can. Click here to book.