What happened with Alix and Stephen video?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, the internet is allegedly upset with the TikTok couple- Alix and Stephen- after a game the duo played went viral online.


People are upset with this Tik Tok couple named Alix and Stephen because pf what happened during this game they played #alixandstephen #foryou #couple

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As outlined in the video, TikToker @noahglenncarter explains that the internet is allegedly upset with the pair after this video clip started circulating online. Apparently, the couple is playing a game where you supposedly play “Rock, Paper Scissors” and whoever loses has to go run a certain distance. While the “loser” is running, the other person gets to eat until the “loser” comes back. This is then repeated.

During this game, the girl- Alix- was not winning as much and was getting upset at Stephen, as a result. Allegedly, she started to “jump, kick, and make physical contact” with her partner. The couple also seemingly grows increasingly agitated with one another during the video. During the video as well, the girl was trying to open a bottle and was having trouble- however, when she finally was able to open it, her partner won the game so she had to run. During this time, her partner seemingly downed the entire drink in one sitting which resulted in the girl making “physical contact” with her partner, again.

This allegedly caused their daughter to cry. Apparently, the couple also “clock-baited” their daughter crying at the beginning of the video. The video currently has over 13 million views.

Once this video was posted, people allegedly started stitching it and calling out the girl for reportedly putting her hands on her partner. However, the TikToker points out that in the original video, a lot of the comments were seemingly supporting her actions.

Stephen Squid Game The Challenge 

Apparently, the man in the viral video is from Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge. 

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