Following news of Austin and Catherine McBroom getting a divorce Catherine took to social media to claim Austin will allegedly be the one moving out.

Ace Family Divorce

According to this viral clip reported by TikTok user @spamacc88_, Catherine hinted at the fact that Austin will be moving to a “new place” following news of their recent divorce.

Ace Family Divorce

Image Credit: @spamacc88_ TikTok

Ace Family Catherine

In a now-viral social media clip of Catherine talking about her divorce from Austin, the YouTuber alleged that Austin would be the one moving out amidst their divorce. “There’s a lot of sadness,” says Catherine. “I don’t think it’s really like hit me yet because Austin hasn’t moved to his new place yet.”

In the clip making its rounds on TikTok, she claims their divorce feels like “mourning a death” as there’s so much sadness surrounding the situation.

Although in earlier clips of the video circulating online, Catherine explains that she is happy now, she also alleges that she has sadness for the changes, the new dynamic, and her children. She seemingly ends the clip by stating that she and Austin are strong co-parents and “nothing will change in that sense.”

What do you think about Catherine spilling that Austin will reportedly be the one to move out?

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