Are Austin and Catherine McBroom lying about getting a divorce? HOLR breaks down the alleged rumor.

Austin and Catherine McBroom Divorce

Is the ACE Family’s Austin and Catherine McBroom lying about getting a divorce? According to this TikTok video posted by user @therealkatherine, people online think that the couple is allegedly “scamming” the internet following claims that their divorce is not legitimate- instead, people think it’s all for views.

Austin McBroom Wife Lying

Image Credit: @therealkatherine TIkTok

Austin McBroom Wife Lying?

Do Austin and Cathrine just want more views? The duo posted respective statements about their divorce on social media earlier this year, causing a frenzy online.

However, Austin has been posting multiple Snapchats since the divorce announcements, in which he can be seen talking about touring homes and living in an RV outside of Catherine’s house. People were alleging that Austin was “spiraling” after his divorce announcement, as HOLR previously noted here.

In the comment on the above TikTok video, one user believes that the pair are actually still together and simply seeking views for this type of content. “I small frauds,” ends the comment.

As alleged, the TikToker discusses how the couple has had “multiple scams that they have done” in the past, which has caused people to believe that this is another one of their controversies. The TikToker claims that they wouldn’t be shocked if this were the case again. The TikToker establishes that there is no solid proof of this, it is all speculation.

Although the pair have not addressed these alleged claims, it is unclear where their relationship stands at the moment. They still seem friendly with one another which may seemingly be causing confusion online.

What do you think about the latest alleged ACE Family claims? There is no concrete evidence to support allegations that their divorce is not legit, this is all speculation. 

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