Cynthia Erivo is the latest actress to make the transition from the silver screen to the recording studio. The UK-born actress revealed that she has a 12-track album on the way featuring a variety of genres for every listener. If Erivo’s acting has any indication as to what this album will sound like, it will be soulful and full of emotion.

The 34-year old actress had her big-screen debut on the 2015 British television series Chewing Gum after some theatre performances and has since gone on to star in major motion pictures earning her several accolades. Erivo’s 2019 depiction of American abolitionist Harriet Tubman in Harriet grabbed her two Oscar nominations for best actress and best original song for Stand Up  (which she co-wrote). For more movies addressing systemic racism check out HOLR’s list of 10 must-watch films and documentaries. Alongside Academy Award nominations Erivo has won a Grammy award as well as a Tony award. 

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According to a press release about the album, Ch 1 Vs. 1 will be a “12-track journey into her mental and emotional landscape”. The first single from the upcoming album “The Good ” released on June 4th accompanied by a music video directed by Mollie Mills. “The Good” is an uplifting soul-pop track featuring a video of a same-sex couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship. Erivo is passionate about the depiction of black women in relationships, saying “I wanted to normalize seeing Black women in a relationship onscreen because often it’s really fetishistic,”. Erivo is looking to shed all the sparkle and flash that comes with being a Hollywood actress and allow listeners an unfiltered look at what she’s like as a musician. Hence the title of the album Ch 1 Vs. 1, Erivo embarks on a new period in her life and tells the story starting with the first chapter.

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Erivo has proved herself as an actress and is looking for a new medium to express herself through. “This is probably one of the first times I’ll get to just be myself, and be myself fully,” said Erivo in the press release. An exploration into music is a completely natural transition for the actress, boasting a resume complete with a Grammy award for best musical theatre album. All 12 tracks on the album will cover a broad array of styles sonically and are all co-written by Erivo. Expect Ch 1 Vs. 1 to release via Verve Records on September 17th.

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