Sarah Ann and AD seemingly engaged in a heated conversation on the latest episode drop of Love is Blind. HOLR breaks it down. 

CAUTION: Spoilers from Love is Blind new episode drop ahead

In episode 10 of Love is Blind, members of the cast were all meeting up for a barbecue. This included the engaged couples and a few other participants who were also in the pods.

With the recent Laura and Jeramey drama that involved Sarah Ann, it is safe to say that there was tension in the air right from the jump. While people began to arrive Laura, Chelsea, AD and Amy grouped together to discuss some issues. Laura opened up about the current love triangle and the end of her engagement, emphasizing her anger towards Sarah Ann.

The rest of the night played into the beginning of episode 11. In that episode, once Jeramey arrived, he and Laura went to have a private chat after being apart from each other. Once that conversation ended AD and Sarah Ann began their intense chat.

AD Love is Blind

Ad shared that she saw the DM that Sarah Ann had sent to Jeramey on Instagram, referring to it as “outlandish”. As Sarah Ann cut her off to explain her side, AD quickly interrupted Sarah Anns thoughts to finish the rest of her question. AD continued to emphasize that Sarah Ann’s behaviour was inappropriate considering he was engaged. She then asked her if Jeramey had left the door open for Sarah Ann, from that question Sarah Ann said he did.

Sarah Ann and Jeramey Love is Blind

Sarah Ann began to explain her long night with Jeramey which was the initial cause of all the chaos. After that AD continued to remind Sarah Ann that he was engaged, Sarah Ann shared that she was told by Jeramey that he was breaking off his engagement.

AD was seemingly visibly getting frustrated as she expressed that she felt Sarah Ann did not give Laura and Jeramey a fighting chance. After more back-and-forth bickering she mentioned they were engaged yet again before leaving the conversation with Sarah Ann.

Sarah Ann Love is Blind

Her thoughts were that infiltrating an engagement regardless of the couples issues was not Sarah Ann’s place to do. AD is Team Laura.

What do you think about the pair’s alleged disagreement on the latest episode drop?

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