Are Jeramey and Sarah Ann from Love is Blind together already? HOLR breaks down alleged rumors following the latest episode drop.

Jeramey Love is Blind

According to this TikTok video posted by user @michelletok, Sarah Ann reportedly posted a video recently that looks as if she filmed it inside of Jeramey’s house.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann

This TikTok video supposedly comes after the latest Love is Blind episode drop where we saw Jeramey and Laura fighting over news that Jeramey stayed out until 5 AM one night talking to Sarah Ann.

As the TikToker notes, it looks as though Sarah Ann is filming this TikTok in Jeramey’s bedroom because a poster that is similar to one Jeramey has in his bedroom seemingly looks familiar in her clip. Now, it is unconfirmed if this is actually the case but her timing for posting would be interesting if so.

This is because Jeramey and Sarah Ann had a connection in the pods before he chose Laura over her. However, there seems to be trouble in paradise between Laura and Jeramey after it was recently discovered on the show that he stayed out late talking with Sarah Ann.

What are your thoughts on this alleged clip Sarah Ann posted- does it hint at the duo being together? Love is Blind Season 6 is not over yet so it is unclear if they are actually together or not as the cast is not able to reveal their current relationship statuses.

We will have to stay tuned to see how Jeramey’s relationships with Laura and Sarah Ann play out on screen.

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Image Credit: @michelletok TikTok and @sarah_ann411 TikTok