Netflix’s Love Is Blind Fans Debate Wether Natalie and Deepti Are ‘Mean Girls’

As Season 4 of Love Is Blind comes to a wrap,  the truth behind the scenes unfolds. It seems that fan favourites, Natalie and Deepti are being called out for being, ‘mean girls’ after a few controversial things were said on the duos’ podcast, Out Of The Pod.


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Out Of The Pod: Podcast

The two former members of the show are being called out for calling Zach Goytowski ‘weird.’

“Anytime I see Zach on my socials I’m like, ‘Who is this man with his beard and his curly hair?'” Deepti laughs, Natalie responds to her comment by saying,

“You guys go to Zach’s Instagram, he looks so so different than- Zach’s weird.”

Fans were outraged by this, responding to the clip claiming, ‘That’s rich coming from you.’

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The girls carry on dissing Zach, calling him scary.

“Well yeah if someone doesn’t blink… I’m sorry that’s just a little- it’s that’s just scary!”

At one point, the duo discusses Zach and Irina’s first interaction when Irina called Zach a cartoon.

“When she said, ‘You look like something out of a cartoon’, my jaw dropped,” Natalie said.

Deepti replied,

“I died, I was like wait…but then you couldn’t unsee it.”

To end the segment, the girls gave a shady preemptive warning to any future Love Is Blind candidates.

“Future Love Is Blind contestants, please if you do not actually have a singing voice… please don’t sing like it’s really cringe and our ears are bleeding.”

This statement was in reference to Zach serenading Irina in the pods.

The question still stands, are Deepti and Natalie mean girls or did their criticism come off wrong?

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