Make your winter interesting by adding colour to your winter wardrobe.

Adding Colour To Your Cold Winter Wardrobe

We talked about adding a pop of colour tour winter wardrobe before, but what if you wish to go all out? Or maybe you want to reinvent your all-black winter wardrobe? Or maybe you are just up for some style experimentation? Winter can be dreary and I personally feel drabby once I gaze upon the gray bleak winter skies, but worry not my friend, I’m here to help. Your struggles are my struggles because as the old saying goes, “We’re all in this together” so here’s how you can add colours to your winter wardrobe. 

Add A Funky Sweater

Colourful sweaters are too obvious, sure, but so what? If the 80s loved them, why can’t we? Why can’t this vintage-reselling-thrifty-nostalgia-obsessed generation love a good, fun funky sweater? You can go for a bold, solid colour but again, you’re more fun than that. Go big. Go crazy. Get yourself something your grandmother would wear 40 years ago! Make sure it has colourful patterns in it too. In an era where more is more and kooky is the new normcore, be not afraid to go miles beyond the norm. 

If you need help shopping, these sweaters might help:

Monochrome Outfits

My high school fashion teacher once told me that black is not a colour but a combination of all colours. Hence why I can’t technically create an all-black outfit and call it monochrome. Since then, that idea has stuck to me so when I say monochrome, we stay away from all-black outfits. I know Steve Jobs and Elizabeth Holmes got away with it but please, even if you work in STEM or hang out at the finance district, you still deserve colours–bright ones at that too! For inspiration, check this out

Adding Colour To Your Cold Winter Wardrobe

Photo Credit: Nina Riccicolou

A Statement Outerwear

Consider this as the baby step in adding colour to your winter wardrobe. Outerwear these days are a statement in their own right so take this opportunity to invest in colourful outerwear pieces. Puffers are the most trendy outerwear piece lately. If you’ve seen Yeezy x Gap’s blue puffer and did not immediately want to cop one for yourself, then you’re lying. Canadian and vegan brand Noize also has a wide selection of puffers in different styles, shapes, and colours. 

If perhaps puffers are not your thing, then may I interest you with coloured leather jackets a la Tyler Durden? Or perhaps a regular down parka but in a fun pattern? If you’re going to cover yourself up in a big jacket anyway, why not make it interesting?

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