Known as the ultimate winter outerwear trend this season, the puffer jacket is best known for its great insulating properties and cool style. Below are the most popular pieces for both men and women.

Puffer Jacket Season: The Most Popular for Men and Women

Puffer jackets are no longer exclusive for outdoorsy people. The style has progressed past the Patagonia and Columbia type. It’s no longer solely for the suburban moms or camping-enthusiast dads. Now, puffers are well-regarded in the street style scene all thanks to the Kanye x Gap puffer jacket. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration and the fascination was way beyond that collection. Maybe it started when TNA released The Super Puff several seasons ago. Or maybe it started when the street style scene was saturated (yet again) with a certain colour-blocking North Face jacket. Anyway, puffer jackets, just like any fashion trend, come in cycles and right now the trend is at its peak. And while it is still at the top of its game, this is the best time to invest in one if you still haven’t. 

Men’s Favourite Puffers

Puffer Jacket Season: The Most Popular for Men and Women

Photo Credit: Uniqlo

Uniqlo Down Parka

Uniqlo is a great source of outerwear. If you’re the type to dress for comfort, then their down parkas are for you. It’s at an affordable price range and guarantees warmth. If you need a little bit more of a style, Uniqlo recently released a collection in collaboration with Jil Sander and the +J Down Oversized Parka guarantees style and substance. 

Canada Goose Crofton Puffer

Take on the harsh winter weather in style with Canada Goose’s new puffer. The Crofton Puffer is lightweight and packable–making it a great travelling companion. Opt for the emblem gold colourway to make a statement. 

Mackage Kan Puffer Vest

This is for the non-committed type; those who are not yet ready to jump in headfirst with the trend but still want to get a taste of it. If looking too puffy is not your ideal style choice, then this vest will do. It’s great for layering and the glossy fabric makes a good contrast to the gloomy winter blues. 

Women’s Favourite Puffers

Puffer Jacket Season: The Most Popular for Men and Women

Photo Credit: Noize

TNA The Super Puff

The Super Puff has come a long way since its first launch. I truly believe this jacket propelled the puffer jacket trend. First, it was seen on celebrities like Kendall Jenner and next thing you know, TNA has managed to create a plethora of iterations of the jacket. Aside from the original, there are now shorty, mid, vest, and shorty vest. Not only that, but the materials also expanded—there’s liquid shine, hi-gloss, and cushcord to name a few. To say that this is by far the most popular puffer jacket in the market is an understatement. 

Noize Puffer Jacket

If you want to participate in the trend but want something more sustainable and vegan, then Noize’s puffer jackets are for you. Similar to The Super Puff, Noize has a wide selection of puffers in all different materials and colours. The good thing though is that Noize is PETA-Approved Vegan, which means you can enjoy the trend guilt-free!

Gap’s 100% Recycled Polyester Puffer

This is not exactly the Kanye x Gap version, but for a Canadian on a budget, this will do. You can embody the style without breaking the bank in this jacket. The colour is bold enough to stand out in a crowd—a stadium, even—and the silhouette allows room for layering. 

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