The much-loved Ozworld franchise continues into Spring/Summer 2022. The collection, offering the brand’s most commercially successful footwear silhouettes, the Ozelia and Ozweego is also introducing two new designs, where out of this world comfort meets daring creativity, in the 2022 Oznova and Ozweego Meta’s.

Each design is inspired by the unique ways the digital and physical world allow for ultimate self-expression:

Ozelia: One thing that will never go out of style is comfort. Whether it’s the comfort to take on your day or to show your true style expression; these OZELIA shoes more than deliver.

o   A dynamic adiprene cushioned outsole and sleek lines on the upper create a fast-looking shoe that is sure to stand out.

Ozweego: Express yourself in full volume as you explore what the world has to offer. These chunky adidas OZWEEGO shoes channel all the best design cues of the 90s & 00s and fast-forward them to the present day.

o   adiprene and inserts in the midsole supplies targeted support in the forefoot and heel to make for a supremely comfortable ride.

Oznova: Comfort isn’t just a physical thing, it can be a state of mind too. These futuristic sneakers offer a new vision on how you can shape your style, starting from the ground up.

o   Bold lines and exaggerated forms such as a techy translucent overlaid upper, sit on an outsole with glow in the dark paneling with adiPlus cushioning delivers the ultimate comfort, leaving you free to express yourself however you feel.

Ozweego Meta: Built on the foundations of a modern classic, the OZWEEGO META transports one of the brand’s contemporary footwear icons into the future.

o   Updated with a modernized heel tab and a modified plush padded design in both the tongue and heel unit; Together, a reimagined futuristic and tech aesthetic.

The out-of-this-world experience doesn’t stop at the collection. Consumers can now experience the digital metaverse through large digital screens throughout select retail experiences with content inviting them into a realm where they can express their own unique style and identity.

  • A QR code on screen transports the consumer to the avatar creation platform on their phones where they can experiment with their style, play with creative radicalism and enjoying experimenting in individualistic, bold, and direct ways, all in their own time.
  • The inclusive platforms allow consumers to experiment with their style in the real and virtual world, providing a seamless shopping experience.

The Ozworld collection is available now in-store and online at