Customize your dream dress shoes!

taft x you

If you’re investing in a pair of high-quality dress shoes, you want to make sure that they’re customized to your taste and style! This is because they are an investment piece that is going to last you for years to come.

After all, why shouldn’t you have the exact pair that you want—right down to the details? Enter, TAFT x You! The brand allows you to add something personal to your closet by giving you the creative freedom to make your shoe exactly the way YOU want it.

About TAFT x You

This is the brand’s most exciting launch to date!

Now, customers can have the opportunity to customize their own one-of-a-kind pair of TAFT boots or shoes by choosing their desired sole, materials, leather, laces, and more!

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to design something super unique that you can cherish as part of your wardrobe staples. It’s time to bring out your inner creativity and artistry.

taft x you

How it works

Customize your shoes to your liking with TAFT x You. Decide on everything, from the color to the finish on the laces to the eyelets- it’s all customizable! It’s recommended to use the application on your desktop computer, for optimal user experience.

The brand utilizes a broad range of materials such as;  croc emboss, textured leather, and statement-making fabrics on the docket, so there’s no shortage of options- no matter your personal style.

When you click this link, you are brought to a collection of shoes that are essentially a blank canvas- ready for you to fully customize and create!

taft x you

Since these are investment items, you’ll walk away with some beautifully crafted new shoes that are fully customized and unique to you.  These are a truly one-of-a-kind pair of shoes you’ll have in your closet for decades to come!

Note that prices do depend on the shoe style selected, but styles typically range from $275 – $375. Since this is a custom shoe order, it will normally ship within 8 weeks. Be sure to check out the website for any updates regarding shipping.

taft x you

Be sure to visit TAFT x You to start customizing your dream pair of dress shoes today!

Published by HOLR Magazine.